USB PCB Encoder For Xbox 360 & PC

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The Xbox 360 Encoder is a good solution for customers who want to build their own fight stick or arcade project that will be connected to an Xbox 360 or PC. Installation is very straight forward - simply connect your joystick and buttons to the included wiring and plug into the PCB. The encoder connects to the Xbox 360 or PC with the included USB cable. You can also use multiple Xbox 360 encoders at the same time. The Xbox 360 encoder is supplied with all required wiring and also a USB cable. Customers can choose from 2 different size crimped wire options at the time of order. The 2.8mm option is suitable for Japanese style controls, such as Sanwa or Seimitsu and the 4.8mm option is suitable for American style controls, such as IL/Classic or Suzo Happ controls.

Please Note:
The Xbox 360 Encoder is NOT compatible with Brook Adaptors
This PCB works on Xbox 360 & PC (No Home button support)

Product Features:
* Small Form Factor (8.7CM x 4cm x 1cm)
* Easy to connect joystick and buttons for various arcade projects
* Compatible with Xbox 360 & PC
* Use multiple boards for a multiplayer arcade machine project
* Choose from .187" (4.8mm) connectors (Classic/IL or Suzo Happ controls) or .110" (2.8mm) (Sanwa/Seimitsu controls)
* No special drivers required
* Simple installation - plug and play

What's Included - 2.8mm option (For Japan Style Controls e.g Sanwa/Seimitsu)
1 x Xbox 360/PC encoder PCB
1 x USB cable
1 x 5pin cable for joystick
13 x Wires for buttons

What's Included - 4.8mm option (For American Style Controls e.g IL/Classic/Suzo Happ)
1 x Xbox 360/PC encoder PCB
1 x USB cable
17 x Wires for buttons & joystick


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    Amazing rare product who needs ipac anymore

    Posted by Qasim Alghizzawi on 15th Jul 2018

    Amazing rare product who needs ipac anymore

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