1 Player Zero Delay PCB USB Encoder for PS3/PC and Raspberry Pi

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The Zero Delay USB PCB Encoder for PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi is one of the simplest and most economical options to use when building an arcade machine or fight stick project and is compatible with Windows, PS3 and Raspberry Pi. Installation is very straight forward - simply connect your joystick and buttons to the included wiring and plug into the PCB, plug the USB cable into your PS3/PC/Laptop or Raspberry Pi, map your buttons in either RetroPi or Mame and that's it! You can also use multiple Zero Delay boards at the same time. When using Mame (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), each Zero Delay PCB will be recognised as "Joy 1", "Joy 2" etc, so building a multi player arcade machine has never been so easy. The Zero Delay board is supplied with all required wiring and also a USB cable. Customers can choose from 2 different size crimped wires at the time of order. The 2.8mm option is suitable for Japanese style controls, such as Sanwa or Seimitsu and the 4.8mm option is suitable for American style controls, such as IL/Classic or Suzo Happ.

What's Included - 2.8mm option (For Japan Style Controls e.g Sanwa/Seimitsu)
1 x Zero delay encoder PCB (for PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi)
1 x USB cable
1 x JST-XH cable for joystick
8 x 2.8mm wire sets for buttons 

What's Included - 4.8mm option (For American Style Controls e.g IL/Classic/Suzo Happ)
1 x Zero delay encoder PCB (for PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi)
1 x USB cable
12 x 4.8mm wire sets for buttons & joystick

1 Player PCB:
This zero delay board supports 1 x joystick & up to 16 x buttons. The PCB has 12 button inputs for player one and 4 extra inputs which can be used as start buttons etc...
Additional wire sets can be ordered here: Replacement 2 Wire Harness For Zero Delay USB Board

Please Note:
The Zero Delay PCB is NOT compatible with Brook Adaptors
This PCB works natively on Sony Playstation 3 (No Home button support)
Mode button toggles joystick input and left analogue/POV hat switch input (useful for games or emulators that require one or the other)
Activate AUTO FIRE or TURBO mode by pressing the desired input buttons and AUTO or TURBO button at the same time.
The Mode LED will flash as the auto fire is in use. 12Hz input frequency.
To deactivate AUTO FIRE or TURBO, press the input buttons and CLR.

Product Features:
* Low Cost Encoder for PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi
* Small Form Factor (8.5CM x 3.5cm x 1cm)
* Easy to connect joystick and buttons for various arcade projects
* Compatible with Windows and Raspberry Pi
* Use multiple Zero Delay PCB for a multiplayer arcade machine project
* Common ground PCB
* Choose from .187" (4.8mm) connectors (Classic/IL or Suzo Happ controls) or .110" (2.8mm) connectors (Sanwa/Seimitsu controls)
* No special drivers required
* Simple installation - plug and play


  • 3
    Basic Builds for Beginners, Nothing Fancy

    Posted by Jon Harris on 3rd May 2021

    This controller enables beginners to arcade control interfaces to get up and running quickly, but as someone who has tinkered with this board, some features are not installed and consequently, the builder has to make mods.

    For example, the PCB has the ability to support powering a small number of LED buttons through the +5v line, but the connectors are not populated - then, a final connector enables an on/off switch to be installed so if you wish to have the buttons on or off in terms of the LEDs, it's possible.

    Additionally, as a forewarning to those using these on Raspberry Pi with the "Daphne" emulator, my experience leads me to advise a button needs to be connected to "mode" and the "mode" led needs to be on for Daphne to recognise the inputs from the joysticks and buttons. However, this is not retained by the controller. This does NOT appear to be the case when in use on PC Systems.

    However, for it's price point, provided connectors and plug and play connectivity, it still remains a popular selection for consumer builds.

  • 5
    Simple and Efficient!

    Posted by Heclegar on 21st Jul 2020

    It's cheap, no bells and whistles, no frills, and it works great! It's exactly what I was looking for!

  • 4
    Great Little PCB For PC

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2019

    Bought to use it with my PC and Steam. Steam recognized it immediately as a generic gamepad. The pins on the board already correspond to buttons, so it's easy to set up in a way that doesn't leave you re-binding configurations every time you switch controllers.
    The PCB has both an Analog (Left Stick) and Dpad mode, which is switched with the Mode button. You will need a button dedicated for that, as the PCB will always start in Analog mode, which leaves you unable to navigate menus in Tekken 7.
    The kit only comes with a cable and wiring for a lever and 8 buttons, so if you plan to use all 8 you will need to buy extra wires for Start, Select and the aforementioned Mode button.

  • 3
    Works good on PC/RPi but not so much on my PS3

    Posted by Shaman Mahmoudi on 28th Jan 2019

    So far it has worked fine on PC and RPi with limited play time. However, on PS3, it either does not recognize it, or it connects/disconnects repeateadely. you can see the red led flicker on and off when that happens. Eventually I can get it to work on PS3, by removing, re-inserting the USB cable in the PS3 USB port a few times.

    Plan is to try it out with an external USB HUB with its own exernal power supply and see if it works better.

  • 5
    Arcade World Uk

    Posted by pehr Forsberg on 16th Jan 2019

    Zero,Delay works great for a arcade project, and Arcade world is a good company. Fast delivery to Sweden.

  • 5

    Posted by Hilda on 15th Jul 2018

    really cheap and easy, and has worked great so far with my raspberry pi. could have come packaged with a few more wires for the buttons, but that'd just be a bonus, still super happy with it!

  • 5
    Best bang-for-buck

    Posted by Naga_Ten on 4th Mar 2018

    Bought this for my first stick since it looked easy enough to install, being pretty much plug-and-play, and it did just that on a pretty good price point.
    Just put all the buttons in my box, ran the cables, fit them in the board and done!

    Worked on everything i threw at it on PC and PS3 in a 12-button setup (+functions)

  • 4
    Versatile for its price!

    Posted by Cubits on 27th Jul 2017

    I recently put one of these in a customer's stick, they were on a tight budget and predominantly played on pc.

    It worked flawlessly with all of the big titles, and also ended up working for many PS4 fighters, too!

    Tekken 7 on the ps4 was a no-go (worked on pc), and it's incompatible with the brook converters, but it's punching well above its weight.

    A complete doddle to set up, too!

    Will use again.

  • 5
    cheap and cheerful

    Posted by kev on 12th Jun 2017

    Bought for my first diy fight sick. Loads of reference on Google for these for wiring them up and simple to do I would advise to get at least one extra button than you plan on using so it can be attached to the mode function, the board seams to default the joy stick to analog and I've found the games I've tried so far (tekken7, sfv) seem to be more compatible with hat switch apart from that a cracking little unit for the price

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