1/2" (0.50in ≈ 12.7mm)

Half Inch T-Molding is the plastic trim or edging that can be used to give a nice finish to a wide variety of products, including furniture, boats, arcade machines, slot machines, tables in VW camper vans and more. T-Molding is sometimes referred to as “plastic edging” “t trim” “plastic trim” or “t lining”

The most popular size is usually 3/4 inch, but we also stock various other sizes of T-Molding. All the T-Molding we sell is very flexible and is easy to bend to go round corners or the edges of furniture or arcade machines. The plastic finish allows for easy cleaning; simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth to ensure your furniture or arcade machine edges are always looking their best.

To install T-Molding, you need to use a slot cutter to cut the slot in the wood. Once the slot has been cut, the t-molding can be knocked into the slot with a soft faced hammer or rubber mallet. If the slot has been cut correctly, the T-Molding should be a nice tight fit. A small bead of glue in the slot prior to fitting T-Molding is sometimes preferred to ensure a more permanent fit. It is always advisable to practice cutting the slot on a scrap piece of wood prior to installation, to ensure a nice tight fit.

We also sell T-Molding sample packs - these are ideal for customers who can't decide which of the great colours to order or for customers who want to colour match their project before ordering a roll of T-Molding.

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