Ways To Save

Discounts & Ways To Save Money When Ordering
There are multiple ways for saving money when ordering from Arcade World UK. We have permanent 5% & 10% discounts available. (Minimum spend of £50 & £100 respectively - Excluding shipping and VAT). Discount is applied automatically to a customers order, subject to the minimum spend.

Customers can also sign up to our Arcade World UK rewards club and earn Arcade World UK Tokens for every £1 spent, social media interaction and product reviews. These Arcade World UK Tokens can be redeemed for discount codes once you have collected the required quantities, for money off a future order.

Additional Ways To Save Money When Shopping With Arcade World UK
Why not place a group order with friends or family members and take advantage of the various ways to save money, as well as saving on shipping costs!


Available Discounts
Spend over £50 to receive a 5% discount off your order.
Spend over £100 to receive a 10% discount off your order.
* Discount is applicable to sub-total value only (This does NOT include shipping & VAT).
One discount per transaction only.
These discounts are permanent and will not expire.
These discounts are available to customers worldwide.


Arcade World UK Rewards Club
We offer a loyalty rewards club program, to recognise and reward our loyal customers for making frequent purchases, reviewing products and for various social media interactions. These reward tokens can be redeemed for discount codes once you have collected the required quantities, for money off a future order.

*Can not be used in conjunction with other discount codes.

Earning Arcade World UK Reward Tokens
You can earn tokens in multiple ways:
For every £1 you spend on products on our website.
For social media interactions, such as like & share on Facebook/Twitter.
For recommending friends to the website.
For writing product reviews.

Please Note:
* Tokens are earned based on the value of products ordered and will be automatically applied to your account once your order has shipped.
* Token rewards do NOT include shipping and/or VAT amounts.


Zero Rated Sales For EU Business Customers
We can zero rate sales for business customers in the EU who are VAT registered and hold a valid VAT number. Please see below for information on how to order.

Step 1:
Please create a user account on the website and email once you have done this.
Please include VAT number and registered business address in your email.

Step 2:
We will then validate your VAT number and once this is done, we will email you to let you know.

Step 3:
Once your VAT number has been validated, we will add this to your user account and make you a member of our Zero Rated sales group.

Step 4:
We will then email you to let you know this has been set up and you will then be able to order on the website without being charged VAT.

Please Note:
We can only ship to the address that your VAT number is registered to. The details need to match 100%. When signing up for an account on our website, the address you provide needs to match the registered VAT address 100%. If this address does NOT match the registered VAT address 100%, we would not be able to make you a member of our zero rated sales group.