1 Player Zero Delay LED PCB – For PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi

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The 1 player Zero Delay LED PCB Encoder is compatible with PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi and is one of the simplest and most economical options to use when building an arcade machine or fight stick project and for connecting illuminated arcade buttons. Installation is very straight forward - simply connect your joystick and buttons to the included wiring and plug into the PCB, plug the USB cable into your PS3/PC/Laptop or Raspberry Pi, map your buttons in either Retro Pi or Mame and that's it! You can also use multiple Zero Delay LED boards at the same time. When using Mame (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), each Zero Delay LED PCB will be recognised as "Joy 1", "Joy 2" etc, so building a multi player arcade machine has never been easier. The Zero Delay LED board is supplied with all required wiring and also a USB cable. Customers can choose from 2 different size crimped wire sets at the time of order. The 2.8mm option is suitable for Japanese style controls, such as Sanwa or Seimitsu and the 4.8mm option is suitable for American style controls, such as IL/Classic or Suzo Happ. For customers wanting to connect a non illuminated joystick and AWUK illuminated buttons with built in 5V LED's, simply choose the 2.8mm option at the time of order.

What's Included - 2.8mm option (For Japan Style Controls e.g. Sanwa/Seimitsu)
1 x Zero delay LED encoder PCB (PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi)
1 x USB cable
1 x JST-XH cable for joystick connection
8 x Wire sets for illuminated/non illuminated buttons connection (5V LED, 2.8mm) 

What's Included - 4.8mm option (For American Style Controls e.g. IL/Classic/Suzo Happ)
1 x Zero delay LED encoder PCB (PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi)
1 x USB cable
4 x Wire sets for joystick connection (4.8mm)
8 x Wire sets for illuminated/non illuminated buttons connection (5V LED, 4.8mm and 6.3mm)

1 Player PCB:
This zero delay LED board supports 1 x joystick, up to 12 x illuminated/non illuminated buttons & 5 additional function buttons.

Please Note:
The Zero Delay LED PCB is NOT compatible with Brook Adaptors

Product Features:
* Low Cost Encoder compatible with PS3/PC/Raspberry Pi
* Easy to connect 1 x joystick, 12 x buttons & 5 mode buttons for various arcade projects
* Compatible with Windows and Raspberry Pi
* Low cost solution for illuminating 5V illuminated arcade buttons
* Use multiple Zero Delay LED PCB for a multiplayer arcade machine project
* Common ground PCB
* Choose from .187" (4.8mm) connectors (Classic/IL or Suzo Happ controls) or .110" (2.8mm) connectors (Sanwa/Seimitsu controls)
* No special drivers required
* Simple installation - plug and play


  • 4
    It works

    Posted by Marcus on 4th May 2018

    Works great, very easy to set up.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work for xbox360 as originally advertised but Arcade World were very quick to reply to me and also gave a full refund, great customer service.

    I'm still yet to figure out exactly how the mode, turbo, etc. buttons work as it comes with no documentation but it's nice to be back on FoghtCade.

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