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The PacDrive is ideal for connecting LEDs, solenoids, lamps etc... Ideal for use with our 5V LEDs. When used with the MALA front-end, this is the easiest way to add illuminated buttons to your panel.

On the normal ID boards, the outputs are all turned on by default when the PC is powered on, until they are controlled by software. The special version does not turn them on, making it ideal for use with Pinball emulation.

Please note: If you intend on using more than 1 PacDrive LED board for your set-up, you will require different ID numbers. This can be selected at the time of order.

For the SPECIAL Version:
All boards are supplied with ID#1 - If you need to use multiple Special PacDrive for the same project, you will require a different ID# for each board. These have to be specially ordered, so email first for multiple ID# for the SPECIAL version.

  • Will drive up to 16 standard LEDs with no additional power.
  • Up to 4 boards can be used (more by request). Different IDs available.
  • 500mA per channel
  • 500mA total current without external power supply. Higher current draw will require additional power.
  • 5 volt outputs without external power supply.
  • Up to 48 volt outputs with external power supply.
  • Open-Source software. No driver required.
  • Downloadable example VB application.
  • C++ code on request.
  • Support as a LED driver for several MAME front-ends soon.
  • Linux Support

Basic Connection Method:
The picture below shows a schematic representation of 3 LEDs connected. These are 5 volt LEDs as used in our UltraLux buttons
In actual usage the connections would be made using quick-disconnects to the button lampholder.
up to 16 can be connected in this way. No external power required.
To simplify connection, for the power "daisy-chain" you can use our pre-made daisy-chain harness.


Advanced Connection Methods

For connecting devices requiring a higher total current than 500mA for all devices, or devices requiring more than 5 volts,>
Instead of connecting the red power "daisy chain" to the "+" connection on the PCB, simply connect to an appropriate voltage source.
For example a PC disk power connector will provide 12 volts through the yellow wire.
When powering from a PC, there is no need for a ground wire since the ground return is via the shield of the USB cable.
The diagram below shows how to connect 12 Volt LEDs


When connecting solenoids you must connect a diode across each coil to eliminate "back-EMF" discharge through the driver board. The diode is connected with the end marked with a line to the power-supply end of the coil. Diodes are not required when connecting LEDs.

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  • 4
    Does what it says it will do

    Posted by Aschwin on 15th Oct 2019

    This is very easy to install and use.
    Just keep in mind that it will not fade your LEDs because it is not really designed for LEDs but more to turn things like motors and solenoids on and off.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Weissensteiner on 5th Jul 2018

    I'm using it with LEDBlinky and everything works perfectly fine.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2016

    Excellent quality and fast shipments.

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