Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 Arcade Joystick

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The Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 is a high quality joystick, manufactured in South Korea by Crown. The 309 models are the latest joysticks to be released by Crown and are the joystick of choice for many high ranking, fighting game tournament players from around the world. If you enjoy playing Tekken or other 3D fighting games, look no further.

In the past, many of our customers have requested the perfect stick for playing Tekken and other 3D fighting games. You asked and we listened! We import Crown joysticks from South Korea, so we are able to spread the love and offer these excellent joysticks to our customer base Worldwide.

The CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 model features a fixed bat top style handle in red, black or white, a prominent neck collar and 35 grams of tension, which is lighter than some previous models of Crown joysticks. Another feature of this joystick is the 16.5 mm actuator, which is intended to provide the right balance between diagonal movement and neutral zone. If you use the Crown 309MJ-KMS-ST25 joystick, full 360 motions, quarter circle back/forward and other game play movements will begin to feel effortless, making game play a breeze for those games that require consistent movement, such as Tekken and 3D fighters

Product Codes Explained:
CWL = Crown lever
F = Almost zero neck
M = Middle neck
Helpme = Long neck
J = Japanese mounting plate
K = Korean mounting plate
KMS = Korean Microswitch
ST25 or ST35 = 25g or 35g tension

Please Note:
* This joystick is fitted with GSM-V1623A3 Gersung microswitches.
**This joystick is NOT compatible with Sanwa mounting. Please choose the Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 Arcade Joystick or Crown CWL-309FJ-KMS-ST35 Arcade Joystick if you require a joystick compatible with Sanwa mounting.
The tear drop style handle on the CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 is fixed and can’t be removed or unscrewed, unlike Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks, where the handles can be unscrewed and are interchangeable. If you prefer a ball top style handle, we have the perfect solution!
We also sell a Crown conversion shaft.
This can be purchased separately here: Crown Conversion Shaft for Crown Arcade Joysticks

By removing the shaft and replacing with the Crown conversion shaft, you will be able to fit any Sanwa (35 mm) or Seimitsu LB-35 balltop handle to your Crown stick. By installing the Crown conversion shaft, you can open up a wide range of possibilities for adding a balltop style handle or different colour bat top handle to your Crown CWL-309MJ-KMS-ST25 joystick. The Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 joystick offers smooth cornerless movement during game play and also features high quality microswitches with 4.8mm (0.187 inch) terminals.

Product Features:
* High Quality South Korean Joystick from Crown
* Smooth cornerless movement during game play
* Fitted with quality microswitches
* Faster return to neutral position
* Durable acetate actuator
* 35 grams tension
* 16.5 mm actuator
* Prominent neck collar
* Perfect choice for Tekken or other 3D fighting games
* Can be modded with Crown conversion shaft for adding ball top handles

Wiring Info:
This joystick requires 4.8mm crimped wires for connection
There are 4 microswitches fitted.
Each microswitch will require 1 x wire 4.8mm for ground connection and 1 x wire 4.8mm for signal connection. For the ground connections, you can use the daisy chain harness 4.8mm.
Pre-crimped wires and daisy chain harness can be purchased separately here:
Wires & Cables

* Our Crown conversion harness is suitable if you wish to connect to an existing 5 pin cable connection
* The Crown conversion harness converts joysticks with standard .187” microswitch terminals for use with a Sanwa JLF-H cable.
This can be purchased separately here: Crown Conversion Harness


  • 4
    Full collar k lever

    Posted by Johnny on 19th Jun 2022

    Brilliant lever highly recommend as close to a full collar Fanta as you will get without a myoungshin or teayoung. Has the more snappy feel of a crown lever I very much enjoy it.

  • 5
    Crown cwl 309 helpme

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Aug 2020

    Really good, so light to move but very nice product

  • 5

    Posted by Lucanz on 7th Aug 2019

    From sanwa to this is the best desiscion I made. Feels wierd in the beginning but it fells more conftarble playing now

  • 5

    Posted by SoQT on 3rd Jul 2019

    I have tested the taeyoung, myoungshin and the Fujin v3 and this one feel better for me overall.

  • 5
    Very nice

    Posted by G@$p@R on 24th May 2018

    Very hard To instal for stick modding but realy very nice to play with

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