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Crown CWL-309FJ-KMS-ST35 Arcade Joystick

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    The perfect stick for Tekken

    Posted by John on 11th Apr 2017

    I've been using this stick on my Madcatz TE2+ SFV and it's an excelent component that i needed for Tekken.
    Comparing to the default Sanwa JLF ball-top stick that comes with the arcade stick, the Crown 309MJ has more tension, thanks to the 35g, making the returning to the center very quickly. This allows you to make very fast and consistent wavedash and backdashes without too much strain on your arm. It also makes iWR (Instant while running) moves more easy to do.

    Regardless, this stick will not make you immediately good at Tekken, like any stick ever. But it does a really good job in helping you getting the perfect pro excecution that you probably want to reach.

    If you are a Tekken Wavedash Player, this stick is a must for you, or if you are any other type of player, this is a really good start and advanced stick.
    Again, you can do the same excecution with japanese stick or pad. But this one should take you less time for perfect flawless excecution.

    Regarding other fighting games i didn't test it out since i'm a Tekken only player, but if you have a game that returning to neutral fast is important, then i assume this stick is good for that particular game as well.