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The Crown conversion harness is the perfect choice for connecting joysticks with .187” microswitch terminals and interfacing them to a Sanwa JLF-H harness. Simply connect the harness to the .187” terminals on the joystick microswitches and the other end of this harness will slide into the existing Sanwa JLF-H or JST-XH harness in your fightstick. For microswitch based joysticks, each joystick has 4 x microswitches and each microswitch requires a separate ground and signal wire connection. This is different to a Sanwa JLF series joystick, which has its microswitches soldered on to a PCB and connects via a JLF-H 5 pin harness.

By using this Crown conversion harness, you can interface most joysticks with .187” microswitch terminals through to a Sanwa JLF-H or JST-XH cable, which makes connection simple.

Product features:
* Interfaces to a Sanwa JLF-H or JST-XH cable
* Converts joysticks with standard .187” microswitch terminals for use with a Sanwa JLF-H or JST-XH cable.

Connecting Wire Colours for QanBa Q4 RAF:
Crown conversion harness:

This conversion harness is suitable for any joystick that features 4.8mm (.187") microswitch terminals.


  • 3
    Quite fragile, so get it right first time

    Posted by Stefano Pavone on 18th Sep 2022

    Useful for converting joysticks with open (individual) microswitches for use on more modern interfaces with 5-pin harnesses. There is, however, a snag. It's a little too fragile (this is the 3rd one I've had in a year and a spade connector for one of the directions has broken on me), so you only have one chance with these harnesses.

  • 4
    K lever harness

    Posted by Johnny on 10th Nov 2021

    Great harness great price use on all my levers

  • 5

    Posted by Nikolas Georgiou on 24th Aug 2021


  • 5
    Simple and good

    Posted by David on 17th Jul 2021

    All you need for your korean lever.

  • 5
    Does the job!

    Posted by Chris.B on 8th May 2021

    Using a Korean stick and you need some form of connector well, here it is!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Mar 2021

    Fitted Perfect in the Qanba Obsidian.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Sep 2020

    Way easier than making your own wires. Just plug it in and play

  • 5
    Great for a Korean stick conversion

    Posted by Robin on 19th Feb 2020

    A well-made harness designed to daisy chain around the outer diameter of a Korean stick. I used this with a Crown CWL-309FJ-KMS-ST35 within my Venom Arcade stick to great success. Even when I had to slightly bend a crimp/spade connector due to lack of space inside the case it showed no signs of failure.

  • 4

    Posted by Nikolai Nikolaev on 18th Dec 2019

    I have Hori RAP-N and sadly every connector is inverted to example. So if you do it like on pictures your inputs show opposite. But everything works fine after re-wiring.

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