Pack Of 20 x 23mm Brass Flat Tokens

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This bag of 20 x 23mm brass tokens are ideal for use with our Calle token mechanism or other mechanisms that accept a token of this size (23mm diameter and 2mm thickness).  These tokens are suitable for a wide range of applications including arcade machine projects, photo booths and various commercial, museum, exhibition or academic projects. These tokens feature an eagle design on one side and “No Cash Value” text on the other side.

Reasons to use tokens:
* Customers will spend tokens more freely than cash, as they don’t perceive these to be money.
* Customers buy tokens and keep them as souvenirs.
* Less supervision of staff required.
* When selling tokens, you have made a sale, even whey they are not used immediately.
* Added security instead of using cash.

These 23mm flat brass tokens are suitable for use with our Calle mechanical token mechanisms
Calle Mechanical Token Mechanism With Lockout Coil
Calle Mechanical Coin Mechanism

Diameter: 23mm
Thickness: 1.7mm
Material: Brass

Product features: 
* Use tokens to free up cash 
* Reduce theft 
* Material: Golden Brass
* Eagle design on one side
* “No Cash Value” text on reverse side
* Suitable for our Calle mechanical token mech
* 23mm diameter
* 2mm thickness

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