Calle Mechanical Token Mechanism With Lockout Coil

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This CALLE mechanical coin mech for tokens with lockout coil can be used for a wide variety of applications that require a coin input to operate and is very reliable, compared to the more advanced coin mechs on the market. This mechanical token mech with lockout coil can be used for photo booth projects, operating snooker table lights, model railways, public toilets, kiddie rides, arcade machine builds and much more...

If the token is accepted, it passes a microswitch with Common, Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts, which in turn will give a credit. This CALLE mechanical token mech is also fitted with a lockout coil. The lockout coil requires 12VDC power and ground connection to operate. A lockout coil is a handy function to have on a coin mech – when a machine is turned off, the lockout coil will stop or “lock out” any tokens going through the entry slot, which results in no token/coin jams.

This mechanical token mech is suitable for interfacing to a Mini-PAC or I-PAC and is very easy to install – just connect a coin signal wire and a ground wire to the NO (Normally Open) and CO (COMMON GROUND) connections on the microswitch terminals on the back of the mech. The other ends connect to the I-PAC or Mini-PAC terminals.

Connecting the Lockout Coil:
The lockout coil requires a 12VDC and ground connection to operate.
Simply connect the wires to the terminals on the lockout coil.

Tokens for this coin mech can be purchase separately here: Pack Of 20 x 23mm Brass Flat Tokens

* Ideal for a wide range of applications.
* Mounting bolts included.
* Fitted with lockout coil.
* Reject button and reject outlet.
* Bounce resistant coin microswitch.
* Anti stringing protection.
* Very easy to install.
* Calle branded.
* Can interface to an I-PAC or Mini-PAC
* Ideal for various commercial applications

Can I connect this to a Mini-PAC or I-PAC?
YES - It will connect to both of these keyboard encoders.

Is this token mech suitable for my arcade machine build?
YES – This token mech is suitable. 

Will this mech give me credit for games in Mame™?
YES - It will work great for Mame™.

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