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Mini-PAC Keyboard Encoder Kit

£35.99 (inc VAT) £29.99 (exc VAT)
130 Grams
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Product Description

Available options:
Board + USB Cable:
This option is for the Mini-PAC board and USB cable ONLY - No wiring harness included
The Mini-PAC USB cable is approx. 5ft long

Board + 4.8mm Wiring Kit:
This option is for the Mini-PAC board + USB cable
+ 4.8mm button/joystick wiring harness + daisy chain harness
The wires in this kit have 4.8mm female crimps

Board + 4.8/2.8mm Wiring Kit:
This option is for the Mini-PAC board + USB cable
+ 2.8mm button/4.8mm joystick wiring harness + daisy chain harness
The wires in this kit have 4.8mm & 2.8mm female crimps

Board + 6.3mm Wiring Kit:
This option is for the Mini-PAC board + USB cable
+ 6.3mm button/joystick wiring harness + daisy chain harness
The wires in this kit have 6.3mm female crimps

To connect trackball/spinner to the MinI-PAC board, you would require the U-HID Harness Type 2

Mini-PAC Page 2

WinIPAC V2 Configuration Utility

Click here to view the wiring diagram.

No more cutting/stripping/crimping!
Do you regularly build control panels? Even if you have only built one panel, you will know that the novelty of cutting and stripping wires, crimping and connecting very quickly wears off! After all, on a standard panel there are 88 wires to be stripped and 44 crimps! Why not get someone else to do all that and use the time saved for less boring pursuits (such as playing games!). Also, would it not be nice if this could be done for less extra cost than buying all the wire and crimps?

Plus, how about connecting a trackball and a spinner as well, all routed through one board and one cable to the PC, with everything simply a plug-in connection?

The MiniPAC is a revolutionary combined Switch/Trackball/Spinner Interface with wiring harness. It is designed so that a complete control panel can be wired up in minutes. Ideal for OEM builders of controllers and cabinets but also suitable for the first-time builder.

Harness Power!
The wiring harnesses are available for 32 switches (including joysticks and buttons) and with connection for Ultimarc trackballs and spinners. Along with each switch harness is a "daisy chain" ground harness. The total number of individual sections of wire on these harnesses is over 74, with over 144 terminations! Compare the cost of the wire and connectors, plus time saved, with the amazingly low prices of these premade harnesses!

The ground harness has 4 extra terminations, so that if necessary you can span longer distances between switches by "missing out" one connector. Switch connectors are female 4.7mm. These are designed for standard microswitch terminals.

Panel Sizes
Each switch wire on the harness is 13 inches long (330mm). The MiniPAC board should be mounted near the center of the panel, giving a span between the furthest switches of 26 inches (660mm). The harnesses are designed to cover almost all standard size 2-player panels but extension kits are available for longer distances. Ground harness "hops" are 5 inches each.
If you are building a 4-player panel you can double up on MiniPACs and harnesses.

Making your own?
You can make your own wiring harness if you prefer, because the MiniPAC uses a standard 40-way 0.1 inch pitch pin header which can connect to a standard IDE disk drive cable, so you can use this inexpensive type of cable as the basis of your wiring.

Switch/Joystick Functionality
The MiniPAC works identically to I-PAC2 board. All programming features identical, same number of inputs (32). Works in PS/2 or USB mode. For PS/2, you will need the optional PS/2 adaptor. 

Trackball/Spinner Functionality
In USB mode only. No extra PC connections are needed, all communications go through one USB cable. Inputs for one 2-axis device (trackball) and one single-axis device (spinner).

Important Legal Note.
For legal reasons we must state here that the Mini-PAC is not designed to be used in revenue-earning applications where a credit mechanism is used. The Mini-PAC contains no specific interface functionality for any credit device. Although it has inputs labelled "COIN", these are labelled as such because activating a switch connected to them causes the MAME "coin" keycodes (5 or 6) to be sent. These are designed to be used with panel pushbuttons not coin doors or note acceptors.

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Product Reviews

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  1. So simple

    Posted by CraigG on 13th Feb 2015

    Wiring up a two-player, 24-button joystick took a matter of minutes, using the Mini PAC and wiring kit. Definitely worth every penny for the simplicity and speed with which you can get things wired up. As it's a keyboard controller Windows and my Raspberry Pi just work with it.

    As other reviews have said, it would be great if this came with screws for mounting, and plastic spacers (to keep the PCB from the surface you're mounting on), but that doesn't stop it being a 5-star product.

  2. Can't go wrong with one of these

    Posted by jay on 24th Jun 2014

    Very easy setup,connect harness,usb cable and the buttons, your good to go.
    Everything worked out of the box, no configuration needed.

  3. The Best One !

    Posted by Benoit Verslegers on 7th Apr 2014

    Perfect Product !
    It would be great to have screws and small plastique parts included.

  4. Easy as pie

    Posted by Mark Ayres-Russon on 17th Mar 2014

    This thing makes using an arcade control panel with MAME simple. You can configure things like the escape key as 1p start and up, Tab as 1p start and right, etc. simple USB connection to your PC and no driver required unless you want to program some changes to key strokes.

    An awesome bit of kit.

Previous | Showing reviews 6-9 of 9

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