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WinIPAC V2 Configuration Utility for I-PAC Ultimate I/O

Compatible with I-PAC Ultimate, I-PAC 2, I-PAC 4, Mini-PAC, J-PAC (2015 Boards Onwards ONLY)

WinIPAC V2 Configuration Utility for I-PAC Ultimate I/O


* Configures each pin of the board as the correct device type, ie keyboard, gamepad, analog, mouse, volume/power.
* Displays a pictorial representation of the board
* Fully real-time interactive. Reads and write board configuration "on the fly"
* Can be run in command-line mode or GUI
* Read/Save configuration to a file

GENERAL tab (main window)

PIN drop down

This displays the selected pin you are configuring. You can select pins from here or from the main graphic.


You can type text in here which will remind you of which device this pin is connected to. The test is saved with the configuration (on the PC only) and is not sent to the board.


Here you configure the selected pin as the required device type and assign values to it. You can select one of the radio buttons to define the pin as the following:
* Switch (which includes keyboard key, gamepad button and mouse buttons)
* Trackball/Spinner (includes optical steering wheels etc)

NOTE: Trackball/Spinner uses 2 pins per axis. The partner pin will also automatically be assigned. You can select X, Y or Z (wheel) axis.Trackballs use two axes (4 pins).

Only the appropriate pins on the top two smaller connectors can be assigned as trackball and spinner. It is recommended that you assign trackball on the left connector and spinner on the right otherwise you cannot use the special connectors for the U-Trak or Spintrak devices. The connectors for these devices are not unique. They use two or 4 of the total 48 input pins available.

Detail Configuration Example (Switch):
The switch is connected with one terminal to the required pin and other terminal to GND.
Select the pin by clicking on require pin in the graphic area.
Select "switch" radio button in the function area.
You now can select the control type eg whether keyboard key, mouse button or gamepad button.
In the primary drop-down all possible keys are available plus macros defined separately (see later). Note that the I-PAC sends key scan codes just like a keyboard. It does not send characters so has no concept of upper/lower case. An upper-case key is a macro consisting of the Shift key plus the required character.
If required, you can select a secondary keycode. This is sent instead of the standard code when the I-PAC shift button is held. (This is by default the Start1 button but can be changed).
There is no need a secondary code unless wish to use shift feature.

* To assign a macro proceed as follows:
* Click on the MACRO tab
* Click NEW In the drop-down box, select the first character of the macro
* Click "Add Entry"
* In the drop-down box, select the second character of the macro
* Click "Add Entry"
* Repeat above 2 steps to add further characters
* Click "Add Macro".
* Return to the main tab. Select the macro in the drop-down when configuring the required pin.