2 Player - Illuminated Joysticks & Translucent Arcade Buttons Kit

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This illuminated joysticks & translucent buttons kit is guaranteed to give your arcade build the wow factor! The translucent buttons fit a standard 28mm mounting hole and come complete with a 12V LED, bulb holder, fixing ring, spacer and microswitch. The 1 & 2 player logos are inserted underneath the lens caps of the two translucent buttons so that both start buttons can be illuminated. The joysticks look cool when lit up and come complete with bubble top handle, 1 x cable for connecting to a 12V power supply and 1 x 5-pin cable for connecting the joystick (Up, Down, Left, Right, GND). The restrictor plate on the joysticks can be set to 2, 4 or 8 way by simply undoing the screws on the restrictor and sliding to the required position.

Colour Combinations:
The colour options for this kit can be selected from the dropdown boxes. If you require a mixture of colours, please refer to the individual product links below to order the parts in the kit as separates.

What's Included In The Kit?
* 2 x Illuminated Arcade Joystick With Bubble Top Handle - (2/4/8 way adjustable)
* 18 x Translucent Illuminated Arcade Buttons
* 1 & 2 Translucent Arcade Start Buttons
* 20 x Microswitches With 4.8mm Terminals 

Illuminating the joystick & buttons:
To illuminate the joysticks and buttons, simply connect the joysticks and buttons to a 12V power source. 12V can be taken from a spare molex connector on a PC power supply (Yellow = 12V, Black = GND) or a Jamma PSU.

The wiring options below can be used for connecting to the bulb holders, to illuminate the LEDs (SOLD SEPARATELY)
1 x Daisy Chain Wiring Set With Molex For Illuminated Buttons
2 x Insulated Daisy Chain Harness With 32 Crimp Connections (6.3mm option)

Encoders, Wiring & PCB boards:
We sell various encoders, wiring & PCBs for your arcade project as separates below
I-PAC & PCB - JAMMA Parts - Wires & Cables

* Good value arcade joysticks/buttons kit
* Illuminated arcade joysticks & buttons
* Joystick pin out for Sanwa/Seimitsu wiring - 2/4/8 way adjustable
* Buttons fit a standard 28mm mounting hole
* Ideal for arcade projects

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