Illuminated Arcade Joystick With 35mm Bubble Top Handle

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This illuminated arcade joystick looks awesome when lit up and is supplied with a standard 35mm bubble top handle, 1 x black dust cover, 1 x cable for connecting to a 12V power supply and 1 x 5-pin cable for connecting the joystick (Up, Down, Left, Right, GND). The restrictor plate on the joystick can be set to 2, 4 or 8 way by simply undoing the screws and sliding to the required position. This illuminated joystick is lit up by LEDs on the PCB, which is located underneath the mounting plate. The LEDs shine up through the transparent shaft cover, which gives the bubble top handle an awesome glowing effect and is guaranteed to give your arcade project the wow factor!

Illuminating the joystick:
To illuminate this joystick, simply connect the included cable (red/black) to the PCB and connect the bare ends to a 12V power source. 12V can be taken from a spare molex connector on a PC power supply (Yellow = 12V, Black = GND)

Mounting Plate: Length 97mm x Width 64mm
Shaft height: 28mm (From mounting plate to start of thread)

Product features:
* Includes standard 35mm crystal bubble top handle
* 2/4/8 way movement
* PCB with LED illumination
* Cool looking joystick
* Includes cables to connect
* Choice of 5 colours: Blue, Green, Red, White or Yellow


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    Great Illuminated Joystick

    Posted by Sunny on 25th Oct 2022

    Nice LED Joysticks for a build. The holes match up with the stock ARCADE1UP joystick so no additional holes were needed

    Phoned up to ask whether the one with the pink ball was a pink or red LED as it says red in comments and was told it was red. But can confirm it's in actual fact pink which is a shame

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