Seimitsu LS-62-01 Arcade Joystick

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The Seimitsu LS-62-01 joystick features a soft spring, a shaft that is 8mm shorter than the LS-56-01 joystick and comes pre-fitted with the Seimitsu octagonal restrictor plate by default. Fans of short throw joysticks and the popular LS-32 are sure to love this joystick model from Seimitsu. The shaft on the LS-62-01 joystick has the same thickness as the LS-32-01 and the soft spring is the same as the one used in the LS-60 joysticks. All these features, coupled with the fact that the octagonal gate comes pre-fitted by default, make the LS-62-01 a good quality joystick choice.

Product Features:
* Octagonal restrictor plate fitted by default
* Soft spring, as used in LS-60 joystick
* 8mm shorter shaft, compared to LS-56-01
* Short throw
* Shaft thickness same as LS-32-01

Mounting Plate Option:


  • 5
    Excellent Stick

    Posted by Mat Owen on 27th Feb 2018

    This feels like a very solid, well-made product. It is highly responsive and never leaves you in doubt about what inputs you have put in. The throw is shorter than a Sanwa, so can be used in more general arcade games as well as fighting games. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    The best short shaft lever

    Posted by Mark Reyno on 20th Sep 2017

    a good match and very responsive, lighter spring to the hands

  • 5
    Best stick ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jun 2017

    This is by far the best stick I own. It combines the best features of the other Seimitsu sticks. I mounted it on my Hori VLX and there is no way back to the original Hori Hayabusa, which seems so loose now in comparison. I didn't use the kowal short throw mod, this stick doesn't need it. This is the first time I use an octagonal restrictor, and this is ideal for fighting games (this is the default restrictor of this stick). I highly recommend this product!

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