Seimitsu LS-62-01 Arcade Joystick

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The Seimitsu LS-62-01 joystick features a soft spring, a shaft that is 8mm shorter than the LS-56-01 joystick and comes pre-fitted with the Seimitsu octagonal restrictor plate by default. Fans of short throw joysticks and the popular LS-32 are sure to love this joystick model from Seimitsu. The shaft on the LS-62-01 joystick has the same thickness as the LS-32-01 and the soft spring is the same as the one used in the LS-60 joysticks. All these features, coupled with the fact that the octagonal gate comes pre-fitted by default, make the LS-62-01 a good quality joystick choice.

Product Features:
* Octagonal restrictor plate fitted by default
* Soft spring, as used in LS-60 joystick
* 8mm shorter shaft, compared to LS-56-01
* Short throw
* Shaft thickness same as LS-32-01

Mounting Plate Option:


  • 5
    Highly recommended for STGs!

    Posted by Klatrymadon on 9th Dec 2019

    I installed an LS-62-01 in my HRAP4 Kai this morning with the short throw mod (using both spacers provided for extreme shortness) and it's been absolutely revelatory. It's the most precise input device I've ever used and has almost immediately tightened up my game. It has the nuance and accuracy of Seimitsu's other sticks with the near-immediacy of a d-pad or something. I love it - if you favour short-throw sticks and don't mind it being solidly committed to shmups, get one!

  • 5
    Excellent Stick

    Posted by Mat Owen on 27th Feb 2018

    This feels like a very solid, well-made product. It is highly responsive and never leaves you in doubt about what inputs you have put in. The throw is shorter than a Sanwa, so can be used in more general arcade games as well as fighting games. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    The best short shaft lever

    Posted by Mark Reyno on 20th Sep 2017

    a good match and very responsive, lighter spring to the hands

  • 5
    Best stick ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jun 2017

    This is by far the best stick I own. It combines the best features of the other Seimitsu sticks. I mounted it on my Hori VLX and there is no way back to the original Hori Hayabusa, which seems so loose now in comparison. I didn't use the kowal short throw mod, this stick doesn't need it. This is the first time I use an octagonal restrictor, and this is ideal for fighting games (this is the default restrictor of this stick). I highly recommend this product!

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