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Seimitsu LS-38-01 Arcade Joystick

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    Seimitsu LS-32-01-SC Arcade Joystick replacement

    Posted by david whetton on 21st Jul 2019

    I have just replaced my Seimitsu LS-32-01-SC Arcade Joystick with the Seimitsu LS-38-01 Arcade Joystick, not because there was anything wrong with the LS-32-01 but because i wanted a stiffer and faster return to centre the LS-38-01 provids. Im my opinion it gives me greater control in Shmups i play on the xbox 360 (cave shooters). It feels far more precise and feels much tighter when it comes to tiny movements. I would say a very much recommended stick for shooter fans. Plus the 01 model is a straight swap out for the Street Fighter Tournament Edition Arcade Fightstick, no need for any harness, the micro switches are soldered to its own board, just plug it in and away you go. And while you are at it, swap out the standard buttons for the Seimitsu PS-14-GN-C 30mm Screw In Arcade Buttons. All this equals a top arcade stick you can pummel for years like i have and still doing to this day. Definitely worth it imho