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The latest version of the Sanwa silent button (OBSFE-30) features a re-designed plunger, made from a rubber material, with a clear coating to give the feel of the original buttons. The newly designed plunger is the main difference between the OBSFE-30 and the earlier version of Sanwa silent button. The rubber plunger helps achieve the sound dampening.

The Sanwa OBSFE-30 is a 30mm snap-in style arcade button features a rubber plunger, which significantly reduces the "clicking" sound of each button press. 

The name of this product is SILENT but for those customers expecting them to be totally silent, with no noise at all, this is not true. Compared to the standard OBSF-30 Sanwa buttons, these are quieter when pressed, as the rubber plunger helps to reduce some of the clicking noise when pressed, but they are not totally silent. Sanwa call this product silent but this is not strictly true as you will always hear some slight noise when pressed, which is to be expected.

Sanwa buttons are without doubt one of the best arcade buttons on the market and with the addition of the rubber plunger, they just got a whole lot better. The rubber plunger cushions the impact of the plunger on the base of the button greatly, reducing the clicking sound significantly.

This button is ideally suited for mounting in metal control panels, with a thickness of approx. 2 - 4mm and a 30mm mounting hole. Each button comes complete with a built in microswitch, that has 2.8mm terminals and a plastic clipper on either side that "snap in" to place when mounted.

Available in a choice of colours:
OBSFE-30 Colours:
Black - Grey - White - Black/Dark Blue


  • 4
    As silent as can be

    Posted by Riccardo on 2nd Oct 2021

    It's challenging to get a perfectly silent button for an arcade stick but this does his job to get there.

  • 5
    Silent buttons with great feel!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2021

    The Gen 2 Silent Sanwa Buttons are in terms of loudness a little bit above the old Gen 1s. But they keep their typical Sanwa feel instead of the Gen 1s spongy one.

    If you interested in keeping your family sane without having them hate your Arcade stick, I highly recommend the new Silent Sanwas.

  • 5
    Not Perfectly Silent, but Honestly Close

    Posted by Jean-Luc Portelli on 30th Jun 2021

    These things are a joy to use. Because of their lack of tinny, clicky noise on each button press they sound so much sturdier to the touch and have easily lowered the volume of my play sessions by several decibels.

    Previous to installing these, my partner would sometimes hear button presses through two doors from either end of a short corridor, and these have made all the difference. Cannot recommend them enough.

  • 5
    Silent as well as accurate

    Posted by K. H. on 9th Dec 2020

    Bought these as my old standard OBSF buttons started to get on my wife's nerves. These are not as silent as Sanwas earlier versions, which I had a few years back, but on the plus side they feel just like the standard ones. The earlier version didn't have the same feel as they felt a bit numb. These nullifies the high pitched *click* from the standards but at the same time maintain the same accuracy. Would recommend them to anyone who would appreciate a low sounding button but who isn't willing to sacrifice the original feeling. The perfect compromise.

  • 4

    Posted by Abdulbaki Cakir on 15th Jul 2020

    The older generation of the silent buttons are still more quiet

  • 4
    Good but...

    Posted by KroeboCop on 24th May 2020

    USFIV was better with my old OBSF-30. But these was better for my shumps.

  • 5
    Great, coming from Hori Hayabusas

    Posted by Joseph Gray on 11th Dec 2019

    One major issue I had with Hori Hayabusa buttons was the noise they made when used. Not only would it potentially disturb others at home, personally they would get tiring to listen to. Hence why I bought these OBSFE buttons.

    When used, these buttons have way less high frequencies than the Hayabusas. I'd say there almost as loud as the Hayabusas but they are much lower in frequency.

    I haven't used normal Sanwa buttons, I hear allot of people saying the old silent Sanwa buttons felt mushy. These do not, if anything it has a kind of a hard rubber feeling when they bottom out. Opposed to a mushy (gen 1 silent) or a hard/clacky (Hayabusa/Sanwa) feeling.

    I definetly recommend these buttons if you dislike button noise, while retaining the normal feel of a button.

    The only negatives would be:
    -Lack of colour options
    -No option to buy plungers and casings separately. You can do this with normal Sanwa's not sure why these can't be sold the same way.

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