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The Sanwa OBSFS-30 is a 30mm snap-in style arcade button that has a foam padding disc underneath the plunger that significantly reduces the "clicking" sound of each button press. 

The name of this product is SILENT but for those customers expecting them to be silent with no noise at all, this is not true. Compared to the standard OBSF-30 Sanwa buttons, these are quieter when pressed, as the foam insert helps to reduce some of the clicking noise when pressed, but they are not totally silent. Sanwa call this product silent but this is not strictly true as you will always hear some slight noise when pressed, which is to be expected.

Sanwa buttons are without doubt one of the best arcade buttons on the market and with the addition of the foam padding disk under the plunger, they just got a whole lot better. The foam padding disk cushions the impact of the plunger on the base of the button greatly, reducing the clicking sound significantly.

The Sanwa Silent OBSFS-30 buttons are available in various colour combinations. Customers can choose the colour of the button surround & plunger at the time of order. The silent Mix 'N' Match arcade buttons make modding your fight stick a little cooler and a lot quieter. This button is ideally suited for mounting in metal control panels, with a thickness of approx. 2 - 4mm. Each button comes complete with a built in microswitch, that has 2.8mm terminals and a plastic clipper on either side that "snap in" to place when mounted.

Available in a choice of colours:
OBSFS-30 Surround Colours:
Black - Blue - Dark Blue - Green - Orange - Pink - Red - Vermillion - Violet - White - Yellow - Royal Blue

OBSFS-30 Plunger Colour:
Black - Blue - Dark Blue - Green - Grey - Orange - Pink - Red - Vermillion - Violet - White - Yellow - Royal Blue



  • 5
    Die Buttons sind die Erlösung!

    Posted by Daniel on 3rd May 2021

    Habe die Buttons für meinen Fightstick bestellt. Sie sind angenehm leise und haben ein super softes Gefühl beim Anschlag. Ich finde Sie perfekt.
    Speziell dann, wenn man während dem Spiel ein Mikrofon nutzt. Das geht jetzt einwandfrei ohne die Anderen zu stören.
    Lieferung nach D ging schnell und zuverlässig. Vielen Dank an Arcade World!

  • 4
    sanwa obsfs 30

    Posted by Nerv on 28th Apr 2021

    Good product overall

  • 4
    Quiet night combo bashing

    Posted by CyFi on 25th Apr 2021

    Used to mod PS4 venom after the wife asked if there was a way to stop the taping while she was upstairs above me. Worked a treat! Now I just need to work on stopping the cursing loudly. The sound was cut down enough to stop it from traveling between rooms.

    One thing to point out is the softer sponge inpact feel at the end of travel for the buttons which I personally like but might detract for some,

  • 5

    Posted by Francesco Bonellia on 13th Mar 2020

    Acquistati un set di 8 di questi pulsanti,in pratica sono sanwa OBSFS standard,ma con una rontella di gomma che attutisce il rumore,possiedo anche un set di silent gen2 ,ma preferisco questi perché mantengono quasi la stessa sensazione dei standard sanwa,a differenza della gen2 che si sentono più simili a dei seimitsu,e bisogno imprimere più forza.voglio anche sottolineare la spedizione molto veloce da Regno Unito alla Germania,e la competenza e cordialità del personale.arcade world uk veramente il top,il mio sito preferito per comprare pezzi di ricambio o modding.Top top top

  • 5
    Sanwa OBSFS-30 Silent Snap In

    Posted by Snacklifter on 7th Dec 2019

    I bought these to replace the noisy Kuro buttons in my RAP4 and I’m really glad I did. Not only are they super quiet, they also have that quality tactile feel that you come to expect from a Sanwa button. Great service from Arcade World, well packaged and very fast delivery. Happy days!

  • 5
    Exactly what i wanted

    Posted by Henri Ekholm on 15th Oct 2019

    I use Hori Rap 4 Kai arcade stick and its Default noisy kuro Buttons were Making Me go insane, i live in Finland and i had this ordered to Me in a week and it really Made My Day to finally customise My stick. Excelent quality and sound reduction, would recomend

  • 5

    Posted by Ramon on 19th Sep 2019

    This is exaclty what I was looking for. I use it on a Hori RAP 4 and they fix properly, but the main thing is the quality and the noise cancel you get with them. No one wakes up in the night anymore, hehe.
    Thank you for the amazing service and quick shippment, including the safe conditions.

  • 5
    Can't praise them enough..

    Posted by Chris on 4th Oct 2018

    ..sure they aren't 100% silent, but the difference between them and normal Sanwa buttons is huge. It didn't take long to adjust to the slightly different feeling.
    I will never use 'normal' buttons again anyway, after getting these. (even bought a silent inlay to the start button, so it wouldn't be the nosiest part of the stick)

  • 4
    You can hear the difference

    Posted by Vince on 23rd Jul 2018

    Literally silent if you aren't playing like a madman. Downside is the button has a very mushy feel to the click.

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