Sanwa OBSN-30 Screw In Arcade Button

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The Sanwa OBSN-30 is a 30mm screw-in style arcade button and features a built in microswitch with 2.8mm terminals. These high quality arcade buttons are imported direct from Sanwa Denshi Co in Japan. This button is ideally suited for mounting in control panels with a thickness of up to 7mm. Each button has a fixing ring that screws into place when mounted on a control panel or fight stick.

Wiring Info:
This button requires 2.8mm crimped wires for connection.
1 wire for ground connection (CO) and 1 wire for signal connection (NO)
Pre-crimped 2.8mm wires and 2.8mm daisy chain ground harness can be ordered here:
1 Metre Long Crimped Wires
Daisy Chain Harness


  • 4
    Better than snap-ins

    Posted by Stefano Pavone on 14th Sep 2022

    Ordered 3 and they all fit in my control panels better than snap-ins (one arrived without its matching plunger but I was able to replace it with a spare part I had lying around). If you're debating between snap-ins or screw-ins, then I recommend these over the former, as they're less brittle.

  • 5

    Posted by Jali Masalin on 4th Nov 2020

    5 star product to my application. Good look & feel and bright colors. Please note that these are crazy sensitive buttons so you can not rest fingers on top of buttons while gaming with these buttons.

  • 5
    No More Wobble

    Posted by Sophie Wallace on 3rd Apr 2020

    Outstanding feel just like other Sanwa 30 buttons.
    No more wobble on a oversized hole arcade board. They screw in perfect just leaving enough room between button layout holes and screw in really solid.

  • 5
    Amazing buttons

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2017

    I purchased these and some cheap ones to compare, i tried the cheap ones first and was happy, but then I tried these, they are in another league, smooth and responsive, no physical click, and no clicking noise. You can press them so quickly that you can easily get rapid fire, for the first time im able to easily make Blanca do the electro shock :)

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Scott on 16th Nov 2016

    While I normally go for snap in's the material I was using this time required a thicker mounting threshold. These are perfect. My only gripe is the mounting screw is slightly wider than the button surround and as I was making a stick for my younger brother with smaller hands, it was a bit tight in the casing (as the mounting holes were 34mm apart).

  • 5
    best for competitive fighting games and more

    Posted by massimo 1976 on 20th Aug 2016

    these screw keys can be installed on thicknesses of about 1,1cm

    are famous then almost useless spending praise, are sensitive in the sense that the stroke of the key and short l 'switch snaps early so are preferred in games that require quick response times as may be the combo of fighting games like Street Fighter, but the their sensitivity can bring unwanted pressures, so if you tend to leave your hands lievemnete resting on the keys, perhaps you should choose a less sensitive button.
    The tactile feeling the pressure is good but having grown up with the old cabs ballroom of the 80, I prefer the sensations that return concave keys type happ with switches (the spring is the click of the switch return best sensations).

    I purchased 6 White sanwa, but clear version of these screw keys does not exist then I at these alongside with transparent Seimitsu ... which are another valid alternative

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