Sanwa OBSCM-30 Clear Button Hole Blank

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The Sanwa OBSCM-30 is ideal for blanking off unused arcade button holes on fight sticks or control panels that have 30mm mounting holes. If you want to change your fight stick layout from 8 button to a 6 button layout, this clear button blank is a great solution. The Sanwa OBSCM-30 button blank features a clear lens, which allows customers to place their own artwork underneath the lens cap, so it is visible through the clear lens – a great solution for fight stick modding. Installing your own artwork is very simple, simply place your artwork under the clear lens cap and once positioned in place, gently push the white disc in line with the slots on the clear lens. If you need to remove your artwork in the future, you just need to use a small pinhead screwdriver to gently pop out the plastic insert disc that holds your artwork in place. A gentle force is required for this delicate operation – if too much force is applied, you may be in danger of breaking the plastic lugs.

Product Features:
*Ideal for blanking off unused button holes
*Clear Lens – Ideal for modding and adding own artwork – viewable through clear lens cap
*Fits a 30mm diameter mounting hole
*Compatible for existing 30mm holes that use Sanwa or Seimitsu 30mm buttons
*Diameter for artwork to fit is 20.7mm
*Ideal choice for fight stick modding


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    Sanwa Obscm

    Posted by John on 20th Mar 2022

    I have the regular all black plugs and i don't like that they are convex instead of just flat. These are also convex but not as much and have more of a flat feeling. And you can put your own artwork on there.. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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