SuzoHapp Power Pro Switching Power Supply - +5V, -5V, +12V - 230V/115V

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The SuzoHapp Power Pro power supply is a quality power supply and very reliable. This power supply features switchable 230V/115V and has +5v, +12v and -5v and is suitable for various arcade and JAMMA machine projects. Don't settle for inferior cheaper power supplies, treat your arcade machine project to reliability and safety with a Power Pro power supply. This power supply features overload protection and is switchable between 230v and 115v.

Connecting your cable/kettle lead:
To connect your 3 pin plug power lead/kettle lead, simply cut off the end of your lead (opposite end to the plug) and strip back the plastic coating to reveal the bare wires for Live, Neutral and Earth, then screw these onto the power lines on the front of the power supply.

Product Features:

* 110W Power Pro power supply.
* +5v 15A, +12v 2A, -5v 1A, 110 watts.
* Will accept wide #8 terminal.
* Dual AC input 115vac/230vac, selectable by jumper.
* Overload protection.
* Black case.
* 1 year warranty
* Switchable 230V/115V

* Weight: 2.08 lbs.
* Length: 8.25 inches
* Height: 2.25 inches
* Width: 5.50 inches
* Wattage: 110 W

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