Delta Electronics Dedicated 12V 150 Watt Power Supply - CE Certified

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This is a dedicated 12V power supply and will NOT be suitable for most arcade projects/JAMMA projects as you will need one of our other power supplies that has 12V AND 5V etc
For JAMMA/Arcade machine projects, please look at the other power supplies we sell. This is 12V ONLY

Delta’s PMC series of panel mount power supplies offer a nominal output voltage of 12V, a wide temperature range from -10°C to +70°C and a highly dependable minimum hold-up time. The state-of-the-art design is made to withstand harsh industrial environments. What makes the product stand out from the crowd is its lightweight full aluminium body design, which can withstand shock and vibration according to IEC60068-2. The PMC series also offers overvoltage and overload protection. Using a wide input voltage range design, it is compatible worldwide. The input also includes DC operating voltage from 125-375Vdc. 

Over voltage 16V +10%/-5%,
SELV output,
Hiccup Mode,
Non-Latching (Auto-Recovery).
Overload / Over current > 115% of rated load current
Hiccup Mode,
Non-Latching (Auto-Recovery).
Over Temperature < 75°C Ambient Temp@ 100% load,
Non-Latching (Auto-Recovery).
Short Circuit Hiccup Mode,
Non-Latching (Auto-Recovery when the fault is removed).
Protection Against Shock Class I with PE* connection

Input Ratings / Characteristics
Nominal Input Voltage 100-240Vac
Input Voltage Range 85-264Vac
Nominal Input Frequency 50-60Hz
Input Frequency Range 47-63Hz
Nominal DC Input Voltage 125-250Vdc DC
Input Voltage Range 125-375Vdc
Input Current < 1.7A @ 115Vac, < 1.0A @ 230Vac
Efficiency at 100% Load > 87% @ 115Vac, > 88% @ 230Vac
Max Inrush Current < 60A @ 115Vac, < 120A @ 230Vac
Power Factor PF > 0.99 @ 115Vac, > 0.90 @ 230Vac
Leakage Current < 1mA @ 240Vac

Output Ratings / Characteristics
Nominal Output Voltage 12Vdc
Output Voltage Tolerance ± 2% (initial set point tolerance from factory)
Output Voltage Adjustment Range 11-14Vdc Output Current 12.50A
Output Power 150W Line Regulation < 0.5% typ. (@ 85-264Vac input, 100% load)
Load Regulation < 1% typ. (@ 85-264Vac input, 0-100% load) PARD (20MHz) < 100mVpp Rise Time < 30ms @ nominal input (100% load)
Start-up Time < 2000ms @ nominal input (100% load)
Hold-up Time > 30ms @ 115Vac & 230Vac (100% load)
Dynamic Response (Overshoot & Undershoot O/P Voltage) ± 5% @ 0-100% load
Start-up with Capacitive Loads 8,000µF Max

* Only use M3 screw ≤ 6mm through the base mounting holes. This is to keep a safety distance between the screw and internal components

Product Features:
* Dedicated 12V power supply
* 150 Watts
* Reliable performance
* CE certified

1. Safety instructions
* To ensure sufficient convection cooling, always maintain a safety distance of >20mm from all ventilated surfaces while the device is in operation.
* The device is not recommended to be placed on low thermal conductive surface, for example, plastics.
* Note that the enclosure of the device can become very hot depending on the ambient temperature and load of the power supply. Do not touch the device while it is in operation or immediately after power is turned OFF. Risk of burning!
* Do not touch the terminals while power is being supplied. Risk of electric shock.
* Prevent any foreign metal, particles or conductors to enter the device through the openings during installation. It can cause: - Electric shock: Safety Hazard; Fire; Product failure.
* Warning: When connecting the device, secure Earth connection before connecting L and N. When disconnecting device, remove L and N connections before removing the Earth connection.

2. Device descriptions
Refer to Fig. 1.:
1 - Input & Output terminal block connector
2 DC voltage adjustment potentiometer
3 DC OK control LED (green)

3. Installation of the Device
Refer to Fig. 2.
A - Mounting holes for power supply assembly onto the mounting surface. Power supply shall be mounted on minimum 2 mounting holes using M3 screw minimum 5mm length.
B This surface belongs to customer's end system or panel where the power supply is mounted.
C Connector
* Use flexible cable (stranded or solid), AWG no. 18-14. The torque at the Connector shall not exceed The insulation stripping length should not exceed 0.275" or 7mm Refer to Fig. 3.

4. Installation of Mounting Accessories
* Only use M3 screw ≤ 6mm through the base mounting holes. This is to keep a safety distance between the screw and internal components
* Refer to Fig. 4 Recommended mounting tightening torque:

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