Seimitsu LS-60 Arcade Joystick

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The Seimitsu LS-60 arcade joystick is similar to the LS-58-01 model but features improved touch and has a light spring pressure and dedicated microswitches instead of a built on PCB with soldered microswitches. The LS-60 joystick has a dedicated 8 way square restrictor fitted and is a good alternative to the Sanwa JLF series of joysticks for customers that are looking for more of a smooth control for their fighting games. Seimitsu are a highly respected name in Japan for manufacturing quality arcade components and each Seimitsu LS-60 joystick comes fitted with the SS-P-40 mounting plate, dust cover, shaft cover, 35mm ball top handle in a choice of colours and a square 8 way restrictor plate.

Mounting Plate Option:

This joystick is supplied with a black shaft cover by default. If you require a different colour shaft cover, please see our Seimitsu Joystick Shaft Cover for more options.

Mounting Plate: 9.5cm Length – 5cm Width
Thickness of mounting plate: 1.6mm

Product features: 
* Dedicated 8 way square restrictor
* High quality 
* Smooth motion 
* Extremely durable 
* Perfect choice as an alternative to a Sanwa JLF joystick
* Light spring pressure
* Short travel
* Ball top handle - Classic retro style 
* Fitted with 4 x high quality microswitches with 4.8mm terminals

Wiring Info:
There are 4 x microswitches fitted to this joystick with 4.8mm terminals.  Each microswitch will require 1 x 4.8mm wire for ground connection and 1 x 4.8mm wire for signal connection. For the ground connections, you can use the daisy chain harness 4.8mm. Pre-crimped wires and daisy chain harness can be purchased separately here: 
1 Metre Long Crimped Wires
Daisy Chain Harness

Compatible handles
The list of joystick handles below will also fit this joystick. 
These are available to order as separates.

Arcade Joystick Handles
Sanwa LB-35 Ball Top
Sanwa LB-35 Clear Ball Top
Sanwa LB-30N Bat Top
Seimitsu LB-35 Ball Top
Seimitsu LB-39 Bubble Top
Crystal Ball Top
Arcade World UK Fine Mesh Ball Top
Arcade World UK Metallic Bat Top
Arcade World UK Metallic Ball Top
Arcade World UK Classic Bat Top
Arcade World UK Mirror Ball Top

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