Replacement Rubber Grommet for Crown SDL-301-DX "INFILTRATION" Joystick

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The Crown SDL-301-DX "INFILTRATION" Joystick features a 35A shore tension silicone grommet by default.

This replacement grommet is available to order in two different options: light and heavy tension:
WHITE = 25 tension
RED = 45 tension

The RED (45 tension) offers a quicker return to centre when fitted to the INFILTRATION joystick and is very similar to the feel of the Sanwa 2LB or 4LB tension springs fitted to a Sanwa JLF series joystick.
The WHITE has less tension and is very similar to the feel of a Sanwa JLF series joystick with the default spring.

Product Features:
* Replacement grommet for Crown SDL-301-DX "INFILTRATION" Joystick
* Two tension options available
* Ideal for modding CROWN INFILTRATION joystick

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