Hollow Shaft For Seimitsu LS-32x/38x Series of Joysticks - Standard/Extended

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This replacement hollow conversion shaft is compatible with the Seimitsu LS-32x and LS-38x series of joysticks and is ideal for those customers who want to thread wire through the hollow shaft and add their own LED lighting for various arcade/fight stick modding projects.

This hollow conversion shaft for Seimitsu LS-32x/LS-38x series of joysticks has a drilled body, which allows the added benefit of being able to run a wire up through the shaft if you want to add a light effect or illuminate a translucent handle with hollow thread. The diameter of the hollow conversion shaft is exactly the same as the original shaft on the Seimitsu series of joysticks, so your Seimitsu LS-32x or LS-38x joystick will not loose any performance with this hollow conversion shaft fitted. A replacement E clip is included with each shaft.

This hollow conversion shaft is available to order in two different sizes:
Standard Shaft: 68mm height from bottom of shaft to start of thread
Extended Shaft: 86mm height from bottom of shaft to start of thread

* Available in two height options: Standard Shaft and Extended Shaft
* Drilled Hollow shaft – allows illumination options for modding
* Same diameter as original shaft – no loss of performance
* Each hollow shaft also includes an E clip

Compatible handles can be purchased here:
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