Happ 3" Solid Colour Trackball With USB & PS/2 Interface

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The 3" Happ trackball assembly is a high quality trackball, which features a wiring harness for connecting push buttons to act as mouse buttons and comes with a 6 foot long cable, to connect to a USB or PS/2 port.

* The Happ USB/PS2 Trackball assemblies will connect to a computer without any external interface or power supply.
* Heavy-duty trackball for public access and similar applications.
* The USB/PS2 trackballs can be added with or without removing the original mouse.
* The trackballs will connect to any computer that has either a USB or PS2 port.
* Available in various colours, including red, white and blue.

The addition of a built-in computer interface has many advantages including:
* No interface needed to connect a trackball to a computer
* Connects directly to either a USB or PS2 port on a computer/PC
* Works on Windows 98 or higher, MAC OS 8.5 or higher, and Linux with USB HID support
* No external power supply needed
* Automatically detects whether it is connected to a USB or a PS2 port and configures itself accordingly
* Comes with a 6-foot cable that will plug into a USB or a PS2 port
* Supports up to three buttons (Three-button functionality will require the use of a driver that supports three buttons; The standard Microsoft driver supports two and the MAC OS supports one)
* A wire harness is supplied that will connect pushbuttons with .187" or .250" switch terminals.

1. Connect the buttons to the trackball: (See images above). Turn the power off on your computer. Connect the button you will use for the Left Mouse Button to the Brown and Black wires of the button wire harness from the trackball. Quick-connect terminals are provided on the harness for easy connection to the buttons. Connect the button you will use for Middle Mouse Button to the White and Black wires. Connect the button you will use for the Right Mouse Button to the Orange and Black wires. On all buttons, the Black wire connects to the COM (bottom) terminal and the Coloured wire connects to the Normally Open (N.O.; center) terminal on the button switches. It is okay to leave unconnected the wires for any buttons that are not used.

2. Connect the trackball to the computer: Connect either the PS2 cable to a PS2 port on the PC or connect the USB cable to a USB port on the computer. DO NOT connect both at the same time!

3. Turn on the computer.
For PS2 connection:
After the computer boots, the cursor on-screen will be controlled by the trackball and the buttons (trackball will function as a mouse). In Windows, it may be necessary to go to Control Panel and click “Add New Hardware” so a driver can be found.

For USB connection:
For computers using Windows you may be asked to “Insert the WINXX Disk” so a driver can be found. After doing this, the cursor on-screen will be controlled by the trackball and the buttons (trackball will function as a mouse). NOTE: The USB cable can be connected while the computer is on.

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