AimTrak Arcade Light Gun With Line Of Sight Aiming With Recoil

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We can NOT ship this product outside of the UK with any courier air shipping service (such as DHL Express) as this product is scanned by customs services and may cause a security alert due to the shape and nature of this product (gun shape).

Customers from the following destinations would need to choose the shipping method below when purchasing this product on the website.

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Customers who wish to order more than two light guns must checkout separately for each pair (when ordering 2 recoil guns AND other products, the light guns MUST be ordered separately), as more than two light guns would be too heavy for the Royal Mail shipping service (2kg maximum).

*Please Note:
When shipping 2 x recoil guns together, the white product boxes must be removed before packing to ensure the shipping weight is under the maximum 2kg allowed by Royal Mail.

Please Note:
This AimTrak light gun DOES have recoil. If you require no recoil, please see here:
AimTrak Arcade Light Gun With Line Of Sight Aiming Without Recoil

Emulates a USB mouse and game controller. No drivers required.
Compatible with all PC OSes and Playstation 2
Works with all monitors including CRT, LCD, Plasma
Accurate aim (after calibration) for games which do not have on-screen crosshairs.
Up to 4 guns can be used together

Arcade quality light gun with two buttons and trigger. Ready to play. Available in Red, Blue or Black.

Box Contains:
Complete AimTrak Light Gun with 2 buttons.
4 Meter USB Cable
LED Bar for mounting on top of monitor.

Sensor Bar Dimension:
Length - 156mm 
Width - 35mm
Height - 13mm

Download AimTrak Configuration Utility Installer

Download Detailed Setup Guide Including MAME Configuration

Download Guide For Operation On PlayStation 2

Full Operation And Configuration Instructions 
First, mount the LED bar on the top of the monitor using the adhesive pads. Note if you wish you can remove the casing from this unit for installation in an arcade cabinet. See the Aimtrak Module instructions for this.


Initial Check
Plug the light gun into a USB port and ensure the LED PCB is also plugged into a USB port. Movement of the gun should cause the mouse pointer to move. Its as simple as that! At this time the pointer may not move to the edge or may go off the edge and bounce to the other side. This is normal as the light gun is not yet calibrated.

Recoil Power Requirements
Recoil guns are shipped without a recoil power supply.

The recoil power is routed via the connecting cable and the power supply needs to have a connector with outer diameter of 5.5mm and inner of 2.1mm.

The ideal voltage is 36 Volts. 24 Volt supplies will also work.

At 36V the power supply needs to have a current capacity of 2-3 amps. If you use a 3 amp supply this will give maximum power. DO NOT use a 36V supply with a current capability of greater than 3 amps as the mechanism relies on the current-limiting feature on the supply to prevent overload. If using two or more guns you can share supplies but energy will be reduced if firing simultaneously.

If using a 24V supply the current specification of the supply can be 4 Amps.

So to recap, max specification is:
24V 4 Amp
36V 3 Amp

Exceeding the above will invalidate the warranty. Warranty on the recoil mechanism is 1 year.

The centre pin of the connector is positive. Outer barrel negative.

We have tested this 3A supply from an Ebay vendor:

The pictures below show the cable connection and an example supply. This type of power supply is often available on Ebay.

Recoil power is adjustable in the Aimtrak Utility (see below)


Calibration is only required once. Settings are stored in the AimTrak gun. The light gun must be held vertically during this process otherwise it will fail. Hold the gun at the approximate location you will be using it. Note that the gun calibration must be done at the height the gun will be used at. This means if you intend to look through the light gun-sights when playing you must do this when calibrating, or if you "shoot from the hip" you must do this when calibrating.
Players which are very different heights will not easily be able to share a gun.

Hold the trigger for 5 seconds (this value can be changed, see later).
The mouse cursor will eventually start to move and come to rest, pointing at a location near the top left corner of the screen, and begin to flash. Aim the gun at the cursor and pull the trigger again. The timing is not important as the cursor is an indicator only. The aim is the only important factor.
The cursor will then point to a location near the top right corner. Aim at the cursor and pull the trigger.
The cursor will then point near the lower edge of the screen. Aim at this point and pull the trigger. Note the position to aim is offset to the left of the screen center-line.

Calibration is done!
If any of the above steps fails, the cursor will continue to point at the required location and not advance to the next stage. If this continues to be the case you might need to install the Config software to diagnose the problem.
The most likely cause of failure to calibrate would be:

Gun too close to screen. Min distance is approx 2 ft for 19in monitor and 3 ft for 28 in.
LEDs not pointed in the approx direction of the light gun.

Note that as calibration is performed at the corners, this is the most critical area regarding sensor detection.
In your game software, the game must be configured to use the mouse pointer as a gun.

Configuration Software Utility


This utility is not required for normal operation or for calibration. It is used for initial configuration (unless the defaults are used) and for troubleshooting.
Note the software requires the Microsoft .NET runtime to be installed on the PC.

Basic Tasks:
Assigning ID.
If you are connecting more than oneAimTrak Light Gun to a PC, each one must have a unique ID.The ID is assigned by clicking on the "Assign ID" tab.

Sensor View Check.
Clicking on this tab displays the Infra-Red LED as seen by the gun sensor. Configure Controls: The trigger and up to 6 other buttons can be assigned as mouse buttons or gamepad buttons (1 to 8). Once selected, the APPLY CHANGES button must be clicked.

General Troubleshooting:
Clicking on the "SHOW DATA" tab causes various information to be continously read from the device, including X and Y location.

Displaying Calibration Errors:
Any calibration errors are displayed as text either in the "Display Data" tab screen or the "Sensor View" tab screen. All configuration settings are stored permanently in flash ROM. Below is a description of the controls:

DEVICE drop-down:
This is used to select the device being accessed, from one to four.

This button has the same effect as holding the trigger for 5 seconds. It initialtes the calibration process.

This must be clicked to apply any changes made in the above settings.

Button Assignments
These drop-downs allow configuration of the trigger and other connected buttons. Each can be assigned as a mouse left or right button, or a gamepad button. Every button has two possible assignments, an on-screen and off-screen setting. Off-screen would normally be used for "off-screen reload". Each button has an "Enable Cal" check box which, when checked, allows this button to initiate calibration when held down. After changing, APPLY CHANGES must be clicked.

IR Gain
This setting controls the "brightness" of the internal IR sensor.Normally this can be left alone because the gain is automatically set,but you can disable automatic gain control by checking the Disable checkbox.
When automatic gain control is disabled, you can set the gain to one of 5 values with the slider. There are very few situations where you may need to do this, but one such configuration might be where the LED PCB is located behind a tinted glass screen. In this case the gain might need to be increased.
If the Disable checkbox is checked, the slider still functions but will be over-ridden during use. In auto mode the slider moves on its own. After changing, APPLY CHANGES must be clicked.

Trigger Calibration Delay
This slider defines how long the trigger (or other buttons with "Enable Cal" checked needs to be held to start the calibration process. After changing, APPLY CHANGES must be clicked.

Tilt/Z Axis
These 3 check boxes define the way the gun responds to being tilted left/right.

This setting disables all tilt functionality. This means the cursor will move when the gun is tilted. This should be used only for "air mouse" or other uncalibrated applications. It gives the smoothest cursor movement but is not accurate to "line of sight". It might also be useful in gun applications which have a visible "cross-hair" target which does not require any visual aim of the gun.

This setting compensates for tilt by averaging and then applying the compensation when it decides is the best moment to do so. This means the cursor may temporarily lose accuracy when the gun is tilted left/right but in normal gaming use this is not an issue.

This setting causes tilt compensation to be constantly applied. This may result in a slightly choppier cursor than the above two settings.This is not an issue when the cursor is not visible, which is in most gaming situations. Regardless of the above, the gun will not function reliably if excessively tilted left/right. After changing, APPLY CHANGES must be clicked.



This display shows the Infra-Red LED as seen by the sensor. Note that this shows the raw uncalibrated display so will not correspond to cursor location on the screen. This screen is used to check if the LED bar is in a location which can always be seen by the gun, in all aiming directions. This display can be used to determine why calibration is failing. You can start the calibration process from this window. When you aim at the flashing cursor each time, check the display as well. If the red dot is not visible, calibration will fail. You can move the gun slightly to find which direction the error lies. Failure to calibrate is usually caused by either being too close, or an obscured or faint LED signal. This display will help to identify the problem.

On this window you can change the ID of the device to one, two, three or four. This is required to be done if you have more than one device connected. After the device is re-assigned, it will "disappear" from the PC for a few seconds and re-appear as a new device with its new ID. This tab is also used to upgrade firmware.

Upgrading Firmware
NOTE: There is not at present any later version for the retail guns. Click "Upgrade Firmware" then "OK".
The PC will detect a new USB device and a driver will be automatically installed.
The upgrade program will start. Click on "Select Firmware File" and navigate to the UFW file. This will normally be contained in the install folder of the program.
The firmware should download.
After download, the device will reset. You should see "Device not found" on the bottom line. The device should now be back in normal operating mode.

Dynamic Data
This section displays data read from the device such as X, Y location, This is used for troubleshooting and support purposes. This section also contains a display of any errors encountered during a calibration process.

Calib Data
This section displays various unchanging data which is data stored as a result of running a calibration process. It is refreshed every 5 seconds but should not normally change after the initial read or calibration. All the other settings are also read from the device every 5 seconds.

Troubleshooting Calibration and Erratic Tracking:
Step 1:
Light Interference Check Disconnect the LED bar so this is disabled. Aim the gun at the screen and move to all screen areas. There should NOT be any visible cursor movement. If there is any movement this indicates the gun is picking up an extraneous infra-red light source such as sunlight from a window behind the cabinet, a window reflecting in the screen, or a conventional or halogen light within view of the gun, or reflection of a light. Fluorescent/CCFL lamps are not a problem.

Step 2:
Range Check Use the test utility software and open the "Sensor View Check" tab. Move the gun over all screen areas. The red dot should move. The movement is "backwards" as this is the view which the gun is seeing, not the result of the data moving the mouse pointer. The dot should be visible and red in color when the gun is moved over all screen areas. Results are as follows: Dot goes off the edge when the gun is still within the screen area: Gun is too close to the screen, or LED bar too far away from the screen edge Dot turns orange or disappears while away from the edge: Infra red light too dim. Gun too far away, LED bar not aimed at gun (this can be checked using any digital camera, as these can see IR light).

Warranty Information

If you experience any issues during the setup process with this product, help is on hand: For help/troubleshooting - Please contact the manufacturer direct on the email below and they will be able to assist further. The manufacturer will attempt to troubleshoot and offer assistance with the product in the first instance. After the troubleshooting steps have been completed, should the manufacturer deem there to be an issue with the product, they will suggest that the product needs to be returned direct to them for repair or replacement. Support Email:


  • 5
    The lightgun is dead! Long live the lightgun!

    Posted by Freker on 18th Jul 2018

    This is incredible that it exists. In a time where lightgun games are becoming an extreme rarity due to CRT TVs breaking down and dying. This device comes along and uses the Wii's infrared technology of it's tracking bar and delivers the best imitation of a Guncon you can get for PC. Sure, it's not spot on and most games still need a cursor for accuracy, but here I am enjoying Time Crisis, Point Blank and MAME lightgun games on a PC. The gun need to be callibrated by a basic method shooting your cursor in corners of your monitor, it's a bit tricky at first, but get your distance right and you can get some great pin point accuracy, some emulators such as PlayStation need additional calibration using NuVee plugin to bypass the Guncin callibration screen. Due to it being recognised as a mouse once plugged in (optional to change to joystick) this enables you to play games which would be usally run with a mouse and I found myself playing my Steam copy of Typing of The Dead Overkill's bonus House of the Dead Overkill mode for a good few hours, I then tried my abandonware copy of Area 51 for PC, this also worked brilliantly, I then tried some Amiga emulated cursor shooting games, brilliant results. I really recommend ithis device, just as plug and play, it's excellent and will be the nearest we'll ever get to CRT TV/Monitor games in your room again. Aimtrak are preserving a whole genre and history of games with this device alone and it's brilliant, well worth the money for that classic arcade/Guncin experience once more.

  • 4
    not bad!

    Posted by lliam taylor on 28th Aug 2017

    guns fairly accurate once calibration is correct, did expect full recoil action but only has vibration recoil. overall pretty decent if a little pricy for just vibration feedback.

  • 5
    Amtrak Light Gun is the best

    Posted by darren on 29th Dec 2016

    Two USB connections required (1 for sensor, 1 for gun) Windows XP picked up the gun straight away. I ordered this power supply for the recoil and it works perfectly
    went straight into Virtua Cop and it worked straight away. Did the calibration anyway to go through the process which was quick and simple as holding down the trigger for 5 seconds and shooting at the cursors as they move corner to corner. This gun is brilliant and very accurate. I have an arcade cabinet with CRT so i had to take the sensor out of the plastic surround and i taped it on top of my monitor. Observations so far.... Make sure you point the sensor down a little seems to work better that way. There is a sweet spot of about 3ft from the screen, any closer and the cursor goes nuts. Make sure you calibrate in the position you are going to use the gun. I am having trouble getting it to work in mame on certain titles (lethal enforcers) The cursor is super sensitive in the X axis and no matter what settings i have it won't work properly. Its not the gun as it works flawlessly in VIrtua Cop. I would highly recommend buying the Aimtrak Lightgun with the force feedback installed already. This saves a lot of hassle as its not the easiest of things to fit. The feedback with that power supply is plenty powerful enough and is quite noisy but i love it.

  • 5
    The Aimtrak

    Posted by Mathias on 27th Dec 2016

    Bought 2 of these babies after my both EMS Topgun 3 broke (bad quality product), now I am never turning back to EMS, since these guns are way superior to any other light gun on the market and I have tried a few of them. I have not managed to try recoil yet because I have not bothered buying a power cable yet.

    But so far I am super happy with the 2x Aimtrak's, 1:1 in both Model 2, 3 and Mame, Ignore what the official website says about model 2 only being 1 player there is a program called demulshooter that makes it possible to play 2 players.

    These babies even work with Wii (Dolphin Emulator) if you know how to set em up for it's light gun games. But remember if you are playing on something bigger than 32 inch get the super ir bar.

  • 3
    Does the job... just shame it doesn't recoil like the arcade versions

    Posted by Stephen on 17th Nov 2016

    Bought 2 of these for my Hyperspin setup, for use with multiplie emulators but mostly MAME.. was very happy with the look and feel of the guns.. they are the best solution for playing light gun games on a modern pc/tv. Unfortunately i thought that the guns recoil feature was similar to the Time Crisis arcade cab system.. this was not the case. They have a similar solenoid inside but it does not move the top slide of the gun when you fire. They do give a satisfactory sensation when fired which can be tuned with the official software utility, if i had known this in advance i think i would have opted for just the sensor pack and fitted them in a real arcade variant. Also for the price of the recoil guns i would have liked the power pack to come included, as this had to be ordered separately from china.

  • 5
    Best light gun I have used for years!

    Posted by Andy J on 13th Sep 2016

    I have always loved Light gun games, From playing Duck Hunt right through to Time crisis etc they have always had a special place in my heart!
    So of course for my cabinet I had to have 2 so I could play point blank etc!

    The guns are not the niceist in terms of looks but they feel nice in the hand not to heavy not to light and they work really well!
    I have tried several other PC light gun solutions including the top gun and others but none have come close to features and ease of the Aim traks.

    Setting them up is pretty easy in Mame and I have got them working with several emulators including Sega M2, American laser games and a few others.
    Some of the emulators require additional bits of software and some buggering about but I wont go into that on here!

    The utility that comes with them is a great help for setting them up and fault finding on the guns.
    You are able to re-map buttons, Check the sensor readings and re-assign ID's
    The problem that pretty much all lightguns suffer from is the loss of calibration when moving around or being used by a person of differing height etc.
    This is easily solved with the aim traks as they can be re-calibrated on the fly in game if needs be without ever leaving the game!
    In terms of calibration though the hold well and as long as I stand in the same spot I can pull it from its holster after it being sat there for weeks and it will be dead on the money, if it needs to be re-calibrated its a 30 second task.
    I have found though that they do not like bright sun light or lots of refelctive surfaces though so dont try to play with the infront of windows etc.

    In terms of installation they are very easy as they just plug into the USB ports on your PC and are registered as Mice. You also have to install the sensor bar which is again USB and can support multiple guns so you dont need to use several bars!

    These really are the best light guns I have come accross for use with a PC.

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