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Arcade World Stock Arriving

Arcade World Stock Arriving

16th Nov 2021

New Stock Arriving

We have received some more stock of the products listed below. These are now all in stock on the website.

Restocked products:

  • Kowal LS Distance Mod
  • Kowal 1mm Oversized Actuator
  • Kowal LS-32 Octopus Gate
  • Kowal Flat Mounting Plate
  • 2lb Tension Springs
  • 4lb Tensions Springs
  • Foam Silencers
  • Scanline generators
  • A-PAC Interface Board
  • I-PAC2 Keyboard Encoder
  • Comparable Coin Mechs
  • Large Flyweights
  • I-PAC Ultimate
  • Mag-Stik Plus Joysticks
  • Opti-PAC Interface Board
  • PacLED64
  • J-Stiks
  • ServoStiks
  • Spinners
  • U-HID Interface (Full version)
  • U-Trak Trackballs
  • Super IR Bars
  • Smart Buttons
  • Pandora's Box DX & CX
  • Rectangular Illuminated Buttons
  • Classic Arcade Joysticks
  • 60-In-1 JAMMA Boards
  • JAMMA Harnesses (4 & 6 buttons versions)

We also have the items below on order and are expecting these to arrive with us over the next few weeks. As soon as this stock arrives in to us, we will update the stock on the website.

If you are waiting for any of the products below and they are currently out of stock, you can enter your email address on the product page which will register you for a stock notification when we update our stock. Don't worry, your email will only be used for this purpose when requesting stock notifications!

More stock arriving soon:

  • JLW-TM-8 joysticks
  • JLW-UM-8 joysticks
  • Yenox arcade buttons
  • Zippy microswitches for buttons
  • Rectangular illuminated buttons
  • Jumbo 100mm dome shaped illuminated buttons
  • Calle mechanical coin mechs
  • Calle 3.5" coin mechs
  • Yilei Microswitches
  • Zippyy long shaft joysticks
  • Pandora's Box DX with 2 x wireless controllers
  • Mini arcade in a box
  • Power adapters for sound amplifiers
  • 3 wire LED harness for zero delay boards
  • 2" mini trackballs
  • 19-In-1 JAMMA boards
  • 5V Ultimate illuminated buttons
  • Mosfet & Hi-Fi sound amplifiers
  • Speaker covers
  • PCB feet (1 screw version)
  • Edge connectors
  • Chrome illuminated arcade buttons
  • Translucent illuminated arcade buttons
  • 5V LEDs
  • Classic arcade buttons

We have recently added some new products to the website, please take a look.

New Products:

AE Light Gun - Available to Pre-Order
FastCap Edge Banding - We now also sell this per foot as well as the 50ft packs
Putty Grey 3/4" T-Molding
Gold 1/2" T-Molding
Dove Grey 1" T-Molding
Crown CWL-300DL - Quick release shaft for the CWL30X series joysticks
Speakers with transparant membranes
Translucent buttons with solid black plungers
Translucent buttons with a clear body and a coloured plunger
SuzoHapp Power Pro power supply (12v & 5V)
Mean Well power supply (12V & 5V)
Delta Electronics power supply (Dedicated 12V)
Delta Electronics power supply (Dedicated 24V)
Mini momentary arcade buttons (6 colours available)