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Discount Codes

18th Feb 2020

The automatic discount has been removed from the website and has been replaced with discount codes, which MUST be manually typed in by customers at the time of order. We are still offering 5% & … Read More

​New Product Coming Soon!

29th Oct 2019

Introducing the 623P 2 Way Fight Stick Bag And Back Pack that has been designed in collaboration with former Tekken world champion, Nobi! Helluva 632P Fight Stick Backpack & Bag Stock is ex … Read More

​Seimitsu Stock & Pricing Updates

29th Oct 2019

We have a shipment of Seimitsu stock currently in transit from Japan - Estimated arrival by Monday. This shipment includes most of the Seimitsu joysticks and once this arrives, we will mark the produc … Read More

QANBA Hitbox Conversion Set For Q3 Obsidian

28th Oct 2019

New Product Coming Soon With our next batch of QANBA that will be arriving in November, we will also be getting a Hitbox conversion set for the QANBA Q3 Obsidian. Keep an eye on the websit … Read More