QanBa 24mm Snap In Illuminated Arcade Button Clear With Blue 5V LED

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This clear QanBa 24mm snap-in arcade button features a built in blue 5V LED and once connected, this illuminates the surround of the plunger, as well as the button surround to give a cool blue glow effect. This button is ideal for those customers that like to mod fight sticks or want to give their arcade project the wow factor. This button mounts in a 24mm mounting hole and comes supplied with a 30cm long cable for connection.

*Please Note:
The wiring harness provided with this button is for connecting directly to QANBA PCB that support LED functions. To connect to other PCB, these wires would need to be adapted to suit the customers requirements.

Product features:
* Built in 5V blue LED for a cool glow effect
* Mounts in a 24mm mounting hole
* Cable for connection included
* Perfect for fight stick modding
* Snap in type button
* QanBa branded

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