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KDiT Aluminium Ball Top Handle

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  • 5
    If your stick and spring can handle the weight, this is great

    Posted by Olly on 20th Jul 2017

    Fitted to a Sanwa JLF, this is one heavy handle. You'll need a 2lb or even 4lb spring. It has a good grip, nice texture, no moulding lines and looks amazing.

    Very comfortable over long play sessions as long as it suits your stick and playstyle. If you use an oversize actuator, probably go for the strongest spring you feel comfortable with. I love it, but it may not be for everyone.

  • 5
    Be careful the weight might be an issue

    Posted by Yaksha on 2nd Oct 2016

    Do you have sweaty hands? Well this will help you a lot. The grip that you will have will be better. No more slippery balltop and the game become more enjoyable.

    The only bad thing is that the weight is doubled now, so your stick will bounce and you execution will be inaccurate. (your tick will not remain fixed in any direction either).
    I will advise you to consider also buying a 2 or 4 lb spring to avoid this problem.

    I mounted it on a Hori Rap4 on the original Hayabusa stick.

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    Great Quality Product One Problem Weight

    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2015

    Great quality ball, lovely feel. Only problem I had was its weight. Its to be expected that a aluminium ball would be heavier but the switches in my joystick would sometimes stick in the down position due to its weight. Maybe with a newer joystick I could use this.