IL Euro Arcade Joystick With Cherry Microswitches

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The Euro joystick is a high quality joystick, manufactured in the EU by IL. This 8-way joystick is similar to the ones used in original Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets. This joystick has a light spring pressure, medium travel and is fitted with soft clicking Cherry microswitches and a white actuator. This joystick has a tear drop style handle with matching coloured dust cover. This joystick is very soft clicking, due to the light actuation force of the quality Cherry microswitches and in our opinion, is one of the best joysticks to use for an arcade project.

Product features:
* The IL Eurostick has dedicated 8-way movement
* Similar to Mortal Kombat cabinet joysticks
* Soft clicking Cherry microswitches - low actuation force
* Microswitches with 4.8mm terminals

Wiring Info
This joystick is fitted with 4 x 4.8mm Cherry Microswitches. Each microswitch will require 1 x crimped wire for ground connection and 1 x crimped wire for signal connection.

Pre-crimped wires and daisy chain ground harness can be purchased separately here:
1 Metre Long Crimped Wires
Daisy Chain Ground Harness


  • 5
    The one to get

    Posted by Nathan Connolly on 21st Sep 2021

    Since the suzo happ has bad diagonals this is the one and only American joystick to get if you want the authentic western arcade feel.

  • 5

    Posted by Nimrod Eshed on 25th Feb 2021

    Using this for along time
    highly Recommended

  • 5
    IL Euro

    Posted by John Gresham on 25th Aug 2020

    Upgraded from a generic Chinese set used for me first every Cabinet build. These are a thousand times better. Takes it from almost a toy version to feeling like a proper arcade from my youth. Love em. If you have kids like I do, no way they can break these very robust in comparison. Wish I knew the difference day one!

  • 5
    iL eurojoystick

    Posted by veg on 4th Aug 2020

    The original joystick that came with all 90s Midway cabinets!

  • 5

    Posted by Martin on 30th Jun 2019

    One of the best cannot recommend this stick enough

  • 5
    Great joystick

    Posted by Andy on 4th Apr 2018

    I remember when I used to spend all my pocket money on the arcade machines. I buit myself a arcade stick for my PC. I tried a japaneese joystick (Sanwa) at a friends house, that one didn't feel right to me., I didn't get the right feeling. He told me to try a IL or a Happ joystick, I went for the IL one. The IL joystick felt right, it feels like the joysticks I remember from the arcade halls when I was a kid. So if you like me, grew up spending your pocket money on arcades when you were a kid, this joystick is the one for you.

  • 5
    IL Euro Arcade Joystick With Cherry Microswitches

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Mar 2018

    I used to have the Happ competitions but Andy from Arcade world said to get the IL. So glad I did, much tighter response, utterly brilliant. Thanks Andy

  • 5
    fantastic joysticks

    Posted by adrian cottle on 15th Oct 2017

    There were recommended but I almost purchased the slightly cheaper HAPP ones. So glad I purchased these, they are lovely to use and operate, very smooth and work great!

  • 5
    Very good quality joystick !

    Posted by Alex on 5th Sep 2017

    Very nice, sturdy quality ! Gotta remove the E-clip in order to mount it on a control panel.

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