Helluva 623P Arcade Fight Stick Carry Bag & Backpack

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The 623P fight stick carry bag & backpack features a 2 way design, so it can be a carry bag or a backpack, which is ideal for secure transportation of your favourite fight stick, when travelling between tournaments or for everyday use. The 623P 2 way bag/backpack has been designed with input from Nobi, who is a former Tekken world champion. The front of the bag features 4 pockets, which can easily store smaller items, such as mobile phones, charging cables, passport and earphones and the main pocket has ample room to store a 15cm laptop, magazines or notebook. The 623P fight stick bag/backpack has a removable cushion and can securely hold a variety of different sized fight sticks, including Venom to larger ones, such as the Hori blade and Qanba Obsidian.

**Please Note:
This bag/backpack is NOT suitable for the Qanba Dragon as it is slightly too big.

Product Features:
* Securely holds most arcade fight sticks
 - (Mayflash, Venom, HORI and most Qanba, apart from Dragon)
* Detachable cushion
* 2 way design - can be used as a bag or backpack
* 4 x front pockets for storing small items such as mobile phones, charging cables etc
* Main pocket can store 15cm laptop or tablet
* 623P logo on the bag
* Design input by former Tekken World Champion Nobi

42cm x 50cm x 16cm

About 623P:
623P is a coding of the deathblow commands for fighting games such as Street Fighter “Shoryuken” and Tekken. As the brand name has a sense of fun, the lineup of attention to detail has gained the support of a wide range of people, including professional gamers.

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