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The QanBa octagonal restrictor gate is very similar to the popular Sanwa GT-Y octagonal gate. This restrictor gate is compatible with most of the popular Sanwa JLF series of joysticks. For compatability, please check the list below. This plastic restrictor gate is very simple to install. Just unclip your existing restrictor from the bottom of your Sanwa JLF series joystick and then line this round restrictor gate up with the lugs on the base of the joystick and push on to snap into place.

This is a quality octagonal gate, manufactured by QanBa - one of the most respected names in the fight stick world. The design of this plastic restrictor gate has been carefully thought out; the whole gate covers the entire bottom of a Sanwa JLF series joystick and installation takes a few seconds.

Most Sanwa JLF series of joysticks come with a square restrictor gate fitted by default. Although some gamers prefer this, it is more often than not very difficult to perform combo moves for fighting games such as Street Fighter. If you have ever played Street Fighter and really struggled to perform combo moves, you need to fit this octagonal gate to your Sanwa joystick. The middle of this QanBa restrictor gate is octagonal in shape, this means that your joystick will hit the diagonals much better than a square restrictor gate, so will allow you to pull off combo moves during gameplay with ease.

If you love Street Fighter but struggle with movement during gameplay, this is the perfect solution!

This QanBa octagonal restrictor gate is also compatible with the Sanwa joystick in the QanBa Fight sticks – Q4RAF 3-in-1, Q2PRO.

Product Features:
*Quality QanBa Product
*Compatible with most Sanwa JLF series of joysticks
*Easy to fit
*Perfect 8 way movement
*Good octagonal design
*Enhance your gameplay for fighting games (Street Fighter etc)
*Lower price than Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal gate

The QanBa octagonal restrictor plate will fit the following Sanwa joysticks:



  • 5
    Great feeling!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Feb 2020

    I kind of regretted not getting the original, since they looked so nice with the yellow plastic and all. But the feel of this one is superb! Incredible tactile feedback, better than the ones for Seimitsu IMO.

  • 5
    Great alternative

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Sep 2019

    Bought as an alternative to my Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Gate, which had broken due to the plastic pins on the gate holding down the octagonal insert snapping off.
    The gate is compatible with a Sanwa lever, and the restrictor part is identical in size to the Sanwa part.

  • 5
    Fits like a glove

    Posted by gilbert on 3rd Jul 2018

    I ordered that piece in order to update a 8Bitdo N30 Arcade stick (stop laughing, I'm new to this!) It fits perfectly!

  • 4

    Posted by Tengu on 7th Dec 2016

    A great gate by Qanba. Fits the Sanwa. Solid construction. Feels a little sharp on the actuator maybe that's just a personal opinion.

  • 4
    Good quality and easy to fit

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Aug 2015

    Quality product, the only feature it's missing is the swappable centre like the Sanwa ones but it's a fair bit cheaper than those and works just as well.

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