Crown SDB-202-24 MX 24mm Solid Colour Arcade Button

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The Crown SDB-202-24 MX 24mm pushbutton is regarded by many to be the "holy grail" of arcade buttons, due to the high quality, linear feel of the Cherry MX™ Silver microswitch. Linear means this button has a consistent feel from pushing the plunger of the button to making contact with the microswitch. The Crown SDB-202-24 MX are high quality arcade buttons, which are manufactured in Korea by Samducksa. This SDB-202-24 MX button is a screw in type arcade button and comes complete with fixing ring, mounts in a 24mm mounting hole and is available in a choice of vibrant solid colours, including green, black, grey, orange, pink, red, violet, blue, dark blue, white and yellow. This 24mm button would usually be used as a start button but would also be a great choice for those customers who own or want to build a Hitbox and have some high quality buttons installed.

A matching 30mm button is available here:
Crown SDB-202 MX 30mm Solid Colour Arcade Button

Cherry MX™ Silver Microswitch
The Cherry MX™ Silver Microswitch used in this button features a linear feel and compared to previous SDB-201 buttons, the travel to actuation is reduced from 2mm to approx 1.2mm.

Product Features
* High quality Cherry MX™ Silver Microswitch Installed
* Choice of vibrant colours
* Mounts in a 24mm hole
* Screw in type button
* Ideal for use as start buttons or in a Hitbox
* High quality Korean import
* Matching 30mm buttons available to compliment

Product Codes Explained:
SDB-202 MX 30mm Button Solid Colours
SDB-202C MX 30mm Button Translucent Colours
SDB-202M MX 30mm Button Metallic Colours

SDB-202 MX 24mm Button Solid Colours
SDB-202C MX 24mm Button Translucent Colours

Wiring Info:
This button requires 2.8mm crimped wires for connection.
1 wire for ground connection (CO) and 1 wire for signal connection (NO)
Pre-crimped 2.8mm wires and 2.8mm daisy chain ground harness can be ordered here:
Wires & Cables

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