AWUK Mini Arcade In A Box With Dual 10 Inch Screens And Pandora 6 – Self Assembly

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The AWUK Mini Arcade In A Box is a complete back to back mini arcade machine for easy self assembly and each box includes the cabinet, all components including joysticks/buttons/wiring, Pandora's Box 6 and 2 x 10 inch screens. Each machine is boxed in flat pack form and self assembly is required but very straight forward and no technical knowledge or DIY skills are required! Simply watch the assembly video below and you will be able to have your own working arcade machine in no time at all. If you have ever wanted to own or build your own arcade machine but don't have the knowledge or even the space to put one, the AWUK Mini Arcade In A Box is the perfect solution.

Product Features:
* Mini back to back arcade machine
* Flat pack for self assembly
* All components included
* No technical knowledge required
* Volume control on side
* Display and hide games
* Nice wood finish
* Dual 10 inch screens included
* Easy assembly
* 1300 classic arcade games
* Outputs to both VGA and HDMi
* Supports game pause function
* Turbo shooting function
* Large selection of Street Fighter games
* Supports upright machines ONLY - Does NOT support monitor flipping
* Can be set to coins or free play mode

Built Up Dimensions:
Height: 37cm
Width: 32cm
Depth: 41cm

Weight: Approx 6.7KG

Assembly and Installation
This machine is supplied in flat pack form for self assembly. This is an easy process and no expert DIY skills or technical knowledge is required. Please watch our assembly video below to see how easy this is and you will have your own arcade machine up and running in no time at all.

Pandora's Box 6 - HDMi and VGA Output - 1300 Great Games.
The 1300 in 1 Just Another Pandora's Box 6 JAMMA board features an awesome selection of arcade classic games including various versions of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 4, King of Fighters, SNK v Capcom, Jackie Chan, Tekken 1 to 3, R-Type, Parodius DA, Scramble, Dodopachi, Donpachi, Shinobi, Robocop and many many more...

The games list also boasts various versions of Street Fighter, including Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, as well as multiple versions of Mortal Kombat & Tekken, so is a great choice for lovers of fighting games. There are also several versions of Metal Slug included. Please see below for the full games list (1300 games in total). The Just Another Pandora's Box 6 will output to VGA and HDMi on modern TV's and can be set to coin operated or free play mode.

Please see below for full games list.
Just Another Pandora's Box 6 Games List

* Original 3A version
* CPU - Quad-core CortexA7 1.2GHz
* GPU - Mali400MP2@600MHz
* RAM - DDR3/1866 2GB
* Storage - MicroSD(TF)512MB & 8GB USB Storage


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