Mini Pandora DX Bar Top Arcade Machine - 3000 Games

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This mini arcade machine may be small in size at 22cm tall, but packs a big punch and features 3000 classic arcade games, more than enough to keep the whole family entertained for hours and hours. With such a large selection of games, there is sure to be a favourite classic game for every family member and this mini arcade machine is a great way of making those fond retro gaming memories come flooding back! There are some neat features on this mini arcade machine, such as HMDi out, input for connecting game pads and not to mention a crystal clear LCD screen for perfect viewing during those long gaming sessions. This machine would suit kids and big kids alike and would make the perfect addition to any home games room, man cave or garden pub. If you have always wanted to own your own arcade machine but have limited space, this mini arcade machine is the perfect solution as it can be placed anywhere without taking up too much room. Manual and power cable are included and each machine is supplied in a neat box with carry handle.

Product Dimensions:

Height: 22cm
Width: 20.5cm
Length: 22.5cm
Weight: 1.2kg

Mini Arcade Machine Games List:
This mini arcade machine features 3000 arcade games, including various versions of Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Golden Axe, Gorf, The Simpsons, Ghouls 'N' Ghosts, Double Dragon, Wonder Boy, R-Type, 1942, Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Phoenix, Space Harrier, Track 'N' Field and many many more..

Please see below for the full games list (3000 games in total).
Pandora Box DX 3000-in-1 Games List

Product Features:
* Mini arcade machine - space saving
* Ideal for kids and big kids !
* Perfect for home games room/man cave or garden pubs
* Input for gamepads
* Quality LCD screen
* 3000 classic arcade games
* Output for HDMi
* Supports game pause function
* Turbo shooting function
* Large selection of Street Fighter games
* High Score Saves

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