2 Player Empty Control Panel Pre-Drilled With Joystick & Button Holes

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This empty pre-drilled control panel features a 2 player layout with 12 x pre-drilled 30mm mounting holes for action buttons, 2 x 24mm mounting holes for start buttons and 2 x mounting brackets for Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joysticks to be installed. The mounting brackets can also accept any Seimitsu stick that has either an SE or MS mounting plate.

This control panel is a suitable replacement for an arcade machine which has an old worn out panel or is also suitable for those customers who want to make their own 2 player arcade panel and maybe mount this metal control panel in a wooden surround or case for a custom arcade project.

Product Dimensions:
Length: 632mm
Width: 128mm

Artwork Option:
We also sell a reproduction/adhesive backed artwork for this panel here: Reproduction Astro City Artwork For 2 Player Empty Control Panel

Product Features:
* Pre-Drilled control panel
* 2 player layout with pre-drilled mounting holes and joystick brackets
* 6 x Pre-drilled 30mm mounting holes per player
* Joystick holes pre-drilled
* 2 x 24mm start button holes pre-drilled
* Simply add parts to make your own arcade control panel

Suggested Sanwa Parts:
The following arcade parts are suitable for mounting in this control panel (sold separately).
Suitable Bolts/Nuts: M3 size nuts and bolts will be suitable for attaching your joysticks to the panel (NOT Included)

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Ball Top Joystick

Seimitsu: (Select either SE or MS mounting plate)
Seimitsu Arcade Joysticks

Arcade Buttons:
Sanwa OBSF-30 Snap In Arcade Button for action buttons.
Sanwa OBSF-24 Snap In Arcade Button for a start button.

Seimitsu Arcade Buttons - 30mm for action buttons and 24mm for start buttons.

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