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1300-In-1 Pandora's Box 6 Arcade Version - Horizontal JAMMA Game Board

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    Not bad for the cash.

    Posted by Andy Johnson on 11th Aug 2019

    I got one of these to go in a cabinet I wanted to do up on the cheap and to turn it into a multi game cab.

    The cart is chamma rather than Jamma, Basically the same but has 2 of the gnd wires wired for button 6 P1&P2.
    Not a issue if you are wiring from scratch like I was otherwise you may need a adapter.
    The board itself seems of good quality and I had no problems configuring it to run 640 x 480 to run on the original CRT monitor in the cab but you should do this before connecting it to the monitor as I read that the higher resolutions can damage older monitors.

    The games themselves seem to run ok, its running a very old version of mame as most of these things do and the newer games like Tekken and MK4 are PSX ports which have a timed feature so when credits are inserted you get X amount of minutes to play (variable in settings).

    That does bring me on to my one real gripe with this thing.
    If its set to free play not a problem but if you are running it on a real cab like I am with a coin mech and want it to run in credit mode some minor sacrifices have to be made.

    Basically the problem revolves around the exit to menu function. To exit to menu there is only 2 options 1 is to hold the start button to bring up a in game menu and exit. The 2nd is to hold p1 start and insert a credit.

    If you have it set to the menu option (which I would of preferred) when you insert a credit into the game it actually credits the front end (which requires a credit to choose a game) so you then have to press and hold the start button to get the menu up to credit the game which is a bit of a faff to be honest!
    This problem does not exist if you disable the in game menu and have it set to p1 start and credit to exit which is what I have opted to do it just means you have a daft combo to exit back to the main menu which I think it would be better if you could choose a custom button combo.

    Other than that it runs well and has a good selection of games, Lots of repeats but the back end has a option to hide these if you wish as well as a whole multitude of other options like changing control configs and other options.

    Another cool feature is the ability to add extra roms, I have not done this as I think 1300 (even with repeats) is more than enough! But its there if you want it.

    All in all pretty good board I just hope they add custom exit button combos and a few other back end features in the next iteration :)

  • 4
    Good multigame cart

    Posted by Mark M. on 22nd Apr 2019

    Good quality multigame cart, emulation is good, no obvious screen tearing or graphical glitches, internal fan is quiet, board runs cool (on 640x480 setting at least) and it runs multiple resolutions, which is handy. PinOut is not standard Jamma, so a chamma to Jamma adapter would be useful for anyone looking to drop this into a pre-existing Jamma cabinet with multiple boards or a switcher. Good quality board, simple to set up and configure, quality sound, and very few headaches for the price. Interface could have used a few more options, but the basics are all there. No hi-score saves is about the biggest down side of this product, but you can't have everything. Great advice and help from Andy in Arcade world during the purchase, and next day shipping did exactly what it said on the tin. Recommended.