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Flat Pack 19" 2 Player Bar Top Arcade Cabinet Kit - B19C

Flat Pack 19" 2 Player Bar Top Arcade Cabinet Kit - B19C

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    Tight but doable for a pc build

    Posted by Serp on 4th Jul 2018

    This was my first time building an arcade unit. I purchased the 5:4 version of the cabinet & I built a pc inside rather than using a raspberry Pi so I will focus on this; hopefully it will help some prospective builders.

    I did a lot of research looking at various designs before I finally settled on this. There were much cheaper designs elsewhere but this was definitely worth the extra money as it's nice and thick, the components all fit together well,all the screw holes are clean and accurately placed, the instructions are good and it comes with all the screws etc you need.
    The cabinet does have a bit of a mottled texture so if you want to paint it and get a smooth finish you will have to spend a lot of time sanding the surface down before & during layering primer & paint.
    All my additional mounts I did by drilling out the holes & using threaded screw inserts like the ones that come with the kit. I did find that making modifications through sawing/drilling would sometimes cause the material to splinter and split a bit but it never split right through.

    This next bit is mostly about building a PC inside:

    The interior is quite compact towards the front where the control panel sits so when building a pc into it I found that only a micro atx board and a low profile fan (stock intel is fine) would really fit. I installed mine with the cpu towards the front of the cabinet and the rear connectors (usb,VGA etc) running up the inside depth of the cabinet so that I could fit a 2 slot graphics card in behind the monitor, which is the only place with a lot of verticality.
    If you're using onboard graphics then you might prefer doing it a different way to make it easier to access the connectors but try and keep the motherboard as far back in the cabinet as possible because of the button/joystick clearance needed at the front.

    For cooling I didn't feel that the 80mm fan/speaker slots on the back would be sufficient or provide good airflow for a pc so I cut the lower 80mm to fit a 120mm intake fan & covered it with a removable filter grill. For air outtake the top of the marquee has preexisting grills that I mounted 2x 80mm fans to the underside of, this still left enough space for a couple of small speakers (cases removed) and the LED strips to light up the marquee.

    The back of the monitor bracket was ideal for mounting hard drives and I fitted a standard sized power supply on the bottom of the cabinet opposite to the motherboard; I didn't have a modular PSU spare but would recommend one to keep the case tidy.
    I also added a wifi card & bluetooth dongle and neither have problems penetrating the casing. I also bought a splitter cable that allowed me to plug into both the monitor & the PSU so you only have 1 wire going out of the cabinet instead of 2. Finally I found button blanks great for cutting and mounting rear connectors onto such as extra USB or feeding through the power cable. There's already 4 holes cut on the bottom to accommodate these and it means less dust getting in.

    I'm very happy with the final product but if you want to build a pc inside then I think this is the smallest size cabinet you could get away with.

  • 5

    Posted by Adam Bradley on 10th Mar 2018

    I was actually surprised by the quality - I have bought a cabinet in the past from ebay and the difference couldn't be greater. Save yourself the time and headaches and get one of these, regardless of which model you choose you will be more than satisfied!

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    Nice product, but needs a bit of fettling

    Posted by David on 2nd Dec 2017

    Well packaged, arrived quickly too. It's a good product. A couple of minor complaints though.

    If the monitor mount is pushed back as far as it can go, which mine needs to be due to monitor thickness, then the back of the cabinet won't fit on. Had to cut recesses for the mount in the back of the cab.
    Speaker location had to be changed for the same reason.
    Plexiglass a bit thin, and edges a bit sharp (not really a problem for marquee and screen, but on control area not so great)

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    Bolts up in no time

    Posted by Stijn on 14th Nov 2017

    Good fit, good finish
    bolts up in no time, not worth your time trying to build from scratch when this quality product is out there.

  • 5
    Brilliant Kit!

    Posted by Paul Woodhall on 15th Mar 2017

    This is my second bar top kit and whats to say, well it's just as good as the first one which was spot on! Great product, well thought out design and well manufactured.

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    Don't look anywhere else

    Posted by Xavier on 20th Feb 2017

    I spend a lot of time considering different options and cabinets around the internet and multiple different sites. I would just save you lots of time by saying "just buy it in arcadeworlduk". I'm very thorough and after looking at so many options decided to go for this site. All i can say is that you're going to get a very good quality bartop arcade, it looks great and easy enough to install.

    Also, you have the advantage of a fantastic customer support. Andy answered me infinite questions by email and over the phone with different issues i was finding during the installation of cabinet, board, switches, etc.
    The money you pay for this cabinet is totally worth it plus you will not get the same specs for that price anywhere else.
    The delivery was very fast (ordered on Monday and getting it on Thursday) and cheap plus the packaging was perfect, not a single part got damaged

    One thing should improve is the assembly instructions. I did not receive any, so Andy send me the instructions via email. They could improve though, especially for the top part where you don't know how the parts are orientated. It is quite intuitive to assemble it but a good set of instructions would save you a lot of time.

  • 5

    Posted by Ronald on 29th Dec 2016

    Quality bartop, quality service, quick delivery to Belgium! 5*

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    Posted by pete on 16th Dec 2016

    Bought one of these as i already have my own full size cabinet and had some spare parts left over, which my son was begging me to make into one for him. arrived nicely packaged and very well protected, all parts there and in perfect condition. Assembly was a doddle, all parts fitted well, all holes were in correct places, and it took me around an hour in total to assemble it fully on my own. took me around another hour to fit all the parts (joysticks, buttons etc that i already had) and voila!! a fully functional machine that my son is going to absolutely adore on xmas day. ( only problem will be getting him off it long enough to eat his lunch lol). i bought some nice blue t-molding from here also, to finish off the edges , and the grooves which were pre-cut for it were just right, and held the molding beautifully. all together , a top quality product that is easy to assemble, and looks fantastic when finished. cant fault it at all. will certainly be buying my parts etc from here in future. (next plan is for a cocktail version for my grand-daughter for her birthday, already seen a nice cabinet on here to get for that one)

  • 5

    Posted by Paul on 15th Dec 2016

    Great pice of kit, easy to build and set up. Great for a first time builder like me.