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Switching between 4 & 8 way has never been easier! Simply lift the handle & twist! There is no need to open your control panel every time you want to adjust the mode.

The Mag-Stik is not centered with a spring, but instead uses an internal magnet. A light action gives the ultimate in joystick feel and sensitivity. When mounted, this stick can be switched between 4 & 8 way using the joystick handle giving you total control over your arcade games. This joystick keeps the panel arcade-real but still gives the ability to play all 4 or 8 way games with the true feel of the correct mechanically-limited stick.

To switch:
Pull out the stick against the spring pressure, continue pulling while rotating, until the mechanism engages, then turn anticlockwise for 8-way, or clockwise for 4-way. The stick clicks into position when turned 45 degrees. The mechanism actually rotates an internal restrictor plate and also rotates the microswitch actuator for a perfect 4-8 way transition.

Mag-Stik Dismantling.
If your mounting method required removal of the joystick knob, this is done by removing the entire shaft. The Nylock nut on the rear end of the shaft is removed first. On the Mag-Stik Plus note carefully the order of assembly of the parts, especially the location of the toothed lock-washer, under the U-bracket. Beware of the spring which is under pressure! In case you forgot how it fits together, there is a diagram showing the assembly in the images above.


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    Stick top, but not with delivered Microswitches

    Posted by Marc Weigl on 3rd Sep 2020

    The Stick himself is top and will get 5 Stars, but the mounted Microswitches (Sanwa) are damaged (Trigger seems to be cut with a knife). I Bought 3 Ultimarc Mag Sticks from two different sellers and all got the same problem (In the Pictures of the Stick are undamaged Microswitches mounted). I change the Microswitches for Cherry D44Y.

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    Right Joystick Right Job.

    Posted by Martin on 26th Jun 2020

    Wanted to be able to switch between 4 & 8 way. Some arcade old arcade games can be harder without this. Normal Mag Stik would have been fine but switch system badly designed Mag Stik Plus able to switch without access to underside of mount.

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    Best stick ever

    Posted by Oliver Beck on 4th Dec 2018

    I've bought two of this sticks. This Sticks are are the best choice. No longer need to dismantle your whole arcade machine if you want to switch from 2- way to 4-way and the opposite. I can fully recommend this sticks.

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    No real alternative, does what it does well once installed

    Posted by Serpy on 15th May 2018

    I picked this up to go in the B19-C (5:4) cabinet kit also sold on here.

    This came in a bare box with no mounting bolts, I don't know if this is normal but it seems a bit silly not to include them so make sure you get some. The mounting plate also didn't fit the pre-drilled holes on the control board of the B19C kit and so I had to drill a few others.

    I installed this by unscrewing the restraining nut beneath it and pulling out the joystick before mounting it to the control board and pushing the joystick back through. Make a note of how it goes together before you do it this way and beware of the spring flying off.
    When reassembling it you'll need to tighten it all up quite a bit to get the twisting mechanism that switches between 4 & 8 way to engage cleanly, it's worth testing it a few times and tightening the nut until it engages cleanly and consistently when the stick is pulled up and twisted.

    The switches that it came with were very loud and felt clunky which was greatly at odds with the very low friction movement of the sticks. I replaced mine with cherry joystick ones which sound much better but they took a different crimp size and needed the switch levers cutting down a bit (easy enough).

    I'm mainly a fan of shooters so the ease of movement on this makes for a very fast and responsive stick, I also found it worked fine with most side scrolling beat em ups. The lack of feedback may be a bit of an issue with combo based fighters but they're not really my thing so a non-issue for me.

    Ultimately there is no alternative that I have seen for a joystick that enables you to switch between 4 & 8 way without opening it up and for that alone it's worth the price as it definitely makes a difference in reaction speed and accuracy with older games designed for 4 way sticks.

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    Posted by Dean Swain on 4th Sep 2017

    Very impressed. A lot of people were moaning about the short throw on these sticks but they feel great to. The 8 way movement is much better than the Zippo sticks that I was using previously plus you can switch over to 4 way directions very easily.

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    excellent !

    Posted by Rudy on 12th Mar 2017

    Hi Team,
    Just to notice that all items are well received and fine.
    I will come back, sure !
    Greetings from Belgium

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    one of the best!!

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Feb 2017

    very easy to mount, short quick responsive movement and of course just pull up and switch from 4 & 8 way in 2sec

    Arcade World UK has excellent prices and prompt processing and shipping!!

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    Some great features with some minor problems.

    Posted by Andy J on 13th Sep 2016

    I did lots of research on these before buying 2 for my cab and found very conflicting information.
    Mostly personal preference stuff but here Are my opinions:

    The sticks are very well made and look great with the chrome shaft covers which fit my chromed bezzeled buttons very nice.
    The throw on these sticks is VERY short, This really anoys some people but I Find it nice as it makes for much more snappy controls and I found moves in some fighting games easier to pull off (Towards towards attack things like that).
    Also because of the magnetic return there is no deflection and Neutral is very sturdy. But the tension is Quite high.
    Part of the problem for this I think is the Micro switches that are used they are quite stiff and "clicky" So I changed these out for Cherrys which have inproved the feel and reduced the tension a bit.
    I am waiting on some adjustable switches at the moment to see if that can be inproved further.

    Of course the big feature of these sticks is the ability to change from 4-way to 8 way.
    There are 2 ways this can be done via the lever on the underside or by pulling up and twiasting the joystick itself.
    I have found personally that I prefer to use the lever, I have a hinged CP so its not a problem getting at them for me but if you are mounting to a Fixed CP the joystick pull method works ok to.
    My only complaint about this is sometimes its hard to work out when you are in the right place to pull and turn as the sticks rotate in normal use.
    You have to sort of gently pull up and turn until you feel the mech engage and then twist one way or the other (I also forget which way to turn!)
    As I say it works fine but I find it quicker to use the lever, A bit more of a positive engagement would be nice!

    In terms of actual game play they work fine and do the job, I have found my scores and abilities have increased on some games and decreased on others, It is very much a personal opinion thing these sticks, Bit like marmite I think!
    But they definatly take some getting used to so be prepared to give them a good run in period if you are used to other sticks becasue these are very different!

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