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The NC30 has the fastest counting speed of any other desktop banknote counter and it allows you to input the denomination you are counting so it can calculate the total value of your banknotes. Advanced 5-fold counterfeit detection reliably verifies your banknotes for all currencies.

The add function keeps track of the total counting result across individual runs, its batch function is the fastest way to prepare cash drawers/bank deposits and with its top loading hopper it’s perfect for high volume continuous counting. It also offers unique features such as rogue denomination detection, automatic or manual start, an external customer display.

Counts VALUE & quantity for SORTED notes
Market-leading counting speed (1,900/minute)
Top loader: High volume continuous counting
Latest 5-fold counterfeit detection
Alarm for rogue denominations & counterfeits
Batch counting & add functions
Suitable for polymer & old banknotes
Counts all currencies & denominations
External display, dust cover & maintenance kit
Unique automatic or manual start
Easy to use & large LCD display
Counts vouchers, coupons & tickets

Market-Leading Speed
The NC30 has the fastest counting speed of any other desktop banknote counter (1,900 banknotes per minute) enabling you to eliminate human error, simplify your cash handling process and save time. Advanced infrared sensors ensure maximum counting accuracy & reliability.

The counting speed is adjustable to cater for different conditions of banknotes. You can therefore select between 4 speed settings:
600 banknotes per minute
1,000 banknotes per minute
1,200 banknotes per minute
1,900 banknotes per minute

16x Faster Than Hand Counting

Single Denomination Value Counting
The NC30 money counter allows you to input the denomination you are counting so it can display the total value counted, as well as the total quantity counted. No manual calculations, no time waste

High Capacity Continuous Feeding
The NC30 is engineered and tested for high volume, error-free counting. It features a top loading hopper that is easier to use, has a larger banknote capacity and allows you to add banknotes to the hopper while it runs, for continuous counting.

Latest 5-fold Counterfeit Detection
The NC30 simultaneously counts & verifies your banknotes. If a counterfeit is detected the NC30 pauses counting and alerts you with a visual and audio warning. Simply remove the counterfeit and press start to resume counting.

The NC30 examines five advanced security features on each banknote using the latest counterfeit detection technology:

Detects Rogue Denominations
The NC30 detects rogue denominations that have been mistakenly put in sorted (single denomination) banknotes. If a different denomination is counted, the machine automatically pauses counting and alerts you with a visual & audio warning. No manual checking, no time wasted.

Batch Counting & Add Functions
Preparing bank deposits, cash drawers & currency straps has never been easier. Simply input a batch quantity and the NC30 will automatically pause counting each time it counts that quantity.

The add function allows you to add different stacks of banknotes together. Ideal for keeping track of the total counting result across individual runs. The add and batch function can be used at the same time for maximum efficiency.

Count & Verify All Currencies
The NC30 makes perfect sense, it can reliably count and fully authenticate all currencies & denominations. Thanks to its high specification sensors, the NC30 can use up to 5 counterfeit detections for any currency. Fully adjustable counterfeit detection also offers maximum flexibility for future currency technology.

Dust Cover, Customer Display & Maintenance Kit
Unlike many manufacturers the NC30 includes unique accessories. The provided customer display shows the counting result, allowing the customer to view the results in real time. Simply plug it into your NC30 and you’re set.

A maintenance kit is also included for fast simple cleaning. Finally, the provided custom dust cover is the perfect complement to your NC30, it fits exactly as it should, shielding the sensors from dust build up.

Download Free Updates
New banknotes issued? No problem. The NC30 has an integrated RJ11 update port so you can easily download updates. Currency updates and instructions can be downloaded, free of charge from our website. We work with Central Banks to ensure the update is available before the new banknote enters circulation.

The NC30 does not need an update to count & verify the new £50 banknote

Automatic or Manual Start
Simplicity at its best; place the banknotes in the hopper and watch the NC30 start & stop counting automatically. Alternatively, manual start is always available.

Batch counting is also made more streamlined. Simply take the banknotes from the stacker and the NC30 will instantly start to count the next batch - no buttons to press.

Counts Vouchers, Coupons & Tickets
It could not be simpler. All counterfeit detections can be turned off at the touch of a button, turning the NC30 into a universal counting machine that can count vouchers, coupons or tickets.

Space-Saving Design
The NC30 has been engineered to fit perfectly on the smallest of countertops. It also has an integrated carry handle for easy transport.

Technical Details
Suitable for new & old GBP notes
Suitable for new & old EUR notes
Hopper capacity: 500
Stacker capacity: 220
Weight: 5 KG
Dimensions: 24.5 x 27.5 x 24.2 cm
Power: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
CE certified

Package Contents
ZZap NC30 Banknote Counter
External customer display
Maintenance kit
Custom dust cover
User manual
Power cable

Warranty Information

Warranty period
We offer a market leading 3 year extended warranty for most* of our products. To claim your 3 year warranty you must register your product with us (details below). If you do not register your product, it will be covered by a 2 year warranty.

*The products listed below are not covered by the 3 year extended warranty. Their warranty periods are stated below.
CS80 Coin Counter & Sorter – 18 Month Warranty
CS70 Coin Counter & Sorter – 18 Month Warranty
ZZap D1 – 1 Year Warranty
ZZap D5 – 18 Month Warranty
ZZap D5+ – 18 Month Warranty
ZZap D10 – 1 Year Warranty
Vehicle power adaptors, Coin bag trays, all external customer displays, all USB cables – 1 Year Warranty
UV Bulbs, EURO Denomination Indicators, Dust Cover, D40 Battery – No Warranty

Products that are damaged by the user through misuse of the product, will not be covered under the ZZap warranty. For example if the user tries to count foreign coins/objects, any resulting damage will not be covered under warranty. Operating instructions are described in every user manual provided. If you are unsure on how to operate your product please feel free to contact us.

Product registration
We hope you enjoy your ZZap product! To register your product, log into you’re existing ZZap account (or create one) at, then click the “My Products” link and follow the instructions. To receive the 3 year extended warranty your product must be registered within 30 days of purchase. The extended warranty begins on the date of purchase.

Warranty claims
If in the unlikely event your product needs to be repaired; get in touch via our contact page. We require ‘proof of purchase’ which clearly displays the purchase date e.g. a payment receipt, order confirmation email, etc, in order to process your claim. If your product is under warranty, we will repair it free of charge. Our expert in-house team will professionally repair your product in the shortest possible time.

UK warranty claims: postage and packaging costs are shared; the customer is responsible for postage & packaging costs to seller and the seller is responsible for postage and packaging costs back to the customer.

Warranty claims outside of the UK: the customer is responsible for inbound and outbound postage and packaging costs.

After the warranty period
If you need your product repaired after your warranty has expired, we will be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with us via the contact page for a no-obligation quote. Please note that you will need to cover the postage and packaging costs.

Extended warranties on request
If you require a longer warranty period than those on offer, we may be able to offer an extended warranty to suit your requirements. Get in touch with us via the contact page for a quote.

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