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Why you’ll love the MS10? The MS10 silently counts coins, coin bags and coin rolls quicker and more reliably than the most experienced cashier. Unlike other products, the MS10 can count an impressive 3 kilograms worth of coins in less than a second.

The MS10 is easy to use and has an excellent backlit display. Counting results can be exported to a PC or printed. The MS10 is perfect for counting non-cash items, the add function makes administration easy and it can even run off batteries.

Product Features:
* Counts coins in 5 currencies
* Counts coin bags and rolls
* Counts in less than a second
* Works with your own cash drawer coin cups
* Battery or mains powered
* Counts up to 3 KG of coins
* Add function
* Large backlit LCD display
* Export counting results to a PC
* Printer compatible
* Counts tokens, vouchers, chips, tickets, etc
* Easy to use
* Precision weighing scale
* Tare function
* Compact & portable
* This ZZap product comes with a 3-year extended warranty**
* Ready for the new £1 coin

Counts coins in 5 currencies
The MS10 silently counts up to 3 kilograms of presorted coins in 4 currencies. If 4 currencies are not enough, you have the option to calibrate one additional currency.

Installed currencies:
GBP – Pound Sterling
USD – United States Dollar
CAD – Canadian Dollar

Counts coin bags & rolls
The MS10 can quickly count one or more coin bags/rolls. Perfect for checking your deposit before taking it to the bank.

Fast & accurate
The MS10 counts coins in less than a second while displaying the total value on its spacious LCD display. The MS10 can count over 900 coins in under a second. A coin tray is provided however by using its convenient tare function, the MS10 can work with any container.

To save even more time, the MS10 can work with your own cash drawer coin cups. There’s no need to fumble getting coins out of your cash drawer, simply place the coin cups straight on the scale.

Add function
The MS10’s add function allows you to add different counting results together. Ideal for calculating the total value of all your denominations.

It’s also useful for counting a large volume of coins. Simply count different piles of the same denomination, then add them together using the add function.

Easy to use with a large, backlit display
The MS10 interface is exceptional. Unlike other products with LED displays and complex keypads, the MS10 uses a spacious, crisp LCD display with an easy to use control panel. Thanks to its backlit display counting results are easy to read, even in brightly lit environments.

The display clearly shows what you need to know: the selected currency, selected denomination and the value counted.

Battery or mains powered
Weighing just over 1 KG and using 6 x AA batteries (not included), the MS10 gives you the freedom to count your coins any time, any place. Furthermore, the MS10 power saving settings maximise battery life.

Count 1 other currency of your choice
The MS10’s simple calibration procedure allows you to count 1 more currency in addition to the 4 installed currencies. Simply input all the denominations then weigh each denomination and voilà the MS10 can count your currency.

Currency updating & PC compatibility
New coins issued? No problem. The MS10 can be easily calibrated to count new coins. Thanks to its integrated RS232 port, counting results can also be exported to your PC, providing you with useful cash handling data that can be used for audit trails.

Printer compatibility
The MS10’s integrated RS232 port allows you to connect a thermal printer so you can print hard copies of your counting results.

Counts tokens, chips, vouchers, tickets, etc
The MS10 can count non-cash items as well as coins. In just a few seconds you can calibrate the MS10 to count the quantity or value of any item. The MS10 can also be used as a precision weighing scale, measuring in pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms.

Compact & portable
The MS10’s light-weight compact design means you can carry the MS10 to the cash, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Technical Details
CE certified
Net weight: 1.35 KG
Dimensions: 265 x 188 x 78 mm
Power source: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Power consumption: ≤2.7W

Package Contents
ZZap MS10 Coin Counting Scale
Coin tray
User manual
Power lead & adaptor

Warranty Information

Warranty period
We offer a market leading 3 year extended warranty for most* of our products. To claim your 3 year warranty you must register your product with us (details below). If you do not register your product, it will be covered by a 2 year warranty.

*The products listed below are not covered by the 3 year extended warranty. Their warranty periods are stated below.
CS80 Coin Counter & Sorter – 18 Month Warranty
CS70 Coin Counter & Sorter – 18 Month Warranty
ZZap D1 – 1 Year Warranty
ZZap D5 – 18 Month Warranty
ZZap D5+ – 18 Month Warranty
ZZap D10 – 1 Year Warranty
Vehicle power adaptors, Coin bag trays, all external customer displays, all USB cables – 1 Year Warranty
UV Bulbs, EURO Denomination Indicators, Dust Cover, D40 Battery – No Warranty

Products that are damaged by the user through misuse of the product, will not be covered under the ZZap warranty. For example if the user tries to count foreign coins/objects, any resulting damage will not be covered under warranty. Operating instructions are described in every user manual provided. If you are unsure on how to operate your product please feel free to contact us.

Product registration
We hope you enjoy your ZZap product! To register your product, log into you’re existing ZZap account (or create one) at, then click the “My Products” link and follow the instructions. To receive the 3 year extended warranty your product must be registered within 30 days of purchase. The extended warranty begins on the date of purchase.

Warranty claims
If in the unlikely event your product needs to be repaired; get in touch via our contact page. We require ‘proof of purchase’ which clearly displays the purchase date e.g. a payment receipt, order confirmation email, etc, in order to process your claim. If your product is under warranty, we will repair it free of charge. Our expert in-house team will professionally repair your product in the shortest possible time.

UK warranty claims: postage and packaging costs are shared; the customer is responsible for postage & packaging costs to seller and the seller is responsible for postage and packaging costs back to the customer.

Warranty claims outside of the UK: the customer is responsible for inbound and outbound postage and packaging costs.

After the warranty period
If you need your product repaired after your warranty has expired, we will be more than happy to assist you. Get in touch with us via the contact page for a no-obligation quote. Please note that you will need to cover the postage and packaging costs.

Extended warranties on request
If you require a longer warranty period than those on offer, we may be able to offer an extended warranty to suit your requirements. Get in touch with us via the contact page for a quote.

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