Zippyy Long Shaft Joystick With Bi-Colour Bat Top Handle - 2/4/8 Way

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This Zippyy long shaft joystick features a cool looking bi-colour bat top handle and is a good low-cost alternative to other branded joysticks we sell and ideal for arcade machine and JAMMA machine projects. This Zippyy bi-colour bat top joystick is the perfect choice for first time arcade cabinet builders or customers with a budget to stick to. It can be used in bar top arcade machines, upright arcade machines and cocktail arcade machines. This joystick comes with a cool looking bi-colour bat top handle and features a plastic restrictor gate on the bottom which can be set for 2, 4 or 8 way movement by simply undoing the screws and moving the restrictor into the required position.

Product Features
*Bi-colour style bat top
*Low cost alternative to branded joysticks
*Perfect for first time builders or customers with a budget
*Various choice of colours available
*Large choice of compatible handles (sold separately)

Mounting Plate Length: 9.8cm
Mounting Plate Width: 6.5cm
Height of Joystick Shaft: 4cm

Wiring Info
This joystick is fitted with 4 x Microswitches with 4.8mm terminals.
Each microswitch will require 1 x 4.8mm crimped wire for ground connection and 1 x 4.8mm crimped wire for signal connection.

Pre-crimped wires and daisy chain ground harness can be purchased separately here:
1 Metre Long Crimped Wires
Daisy Chain Ground Harness

Compatible handles
The list of joystick handles below will also fit this joystick.
These are available to order as separates here:

Arcade Joystick Handles
Sanwa LB-35 Ball Top
Sanwa LB-35 Clear Ball Top
Sanwa LB-30N Bat Top
Seimitsu LB-35 Ball Top
Seimitsu LB-39 Bubble Top
Crystal Ball Top
Arcade World UK Fine Mesh Ball
Arcade World UK Metallic Bat Top

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