Xin-Mo 2 Player LED Arcade Controller Interface - PS3 & PC

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This 2 player Xin Mo arcade controller with LED functionality is a good solution for those customers that want to connect arcade joysticks and buttons to a PC/Laptop/MAC/PS3 or Raspberry Pi to build their own arcade machine or arcade control panel. This arcade controller has LED functionality, so you can connect illuminated arcade buttons (5V LED Only) Once connected, illuminated buttons with 5V LEDs will be permanently lit and turn off when each button is pressed, so this is a great feature especially if you are looking to give your arcade project the wow factor. The 2 player arcade controller with LED interface comes supplied with all required wiring for easy connection and supports 2 joysticks and 20 buttons and the best bit is there is no soldering required!

This 2 player Xin Mo arcade controller with LED interface supports 2 x joysticks & 20 x arcade buttons (16 x illuminated 5V buttons)
Connecting is simple plug 'n' play and will work with Windows/Linux/MAC/PS3 and Raspberry Pi. If you are connecting the board to your computer it will be recognised as a game controller. This can be easily configured to work with MAME.

What's Included:
1 x Xin-Mo 2 player arcade controller with LED interface
1 x Wiring harness
1 x USB Cable

Please Note:
The arcade controller is NOT a keyboard encoder but is detected as a simple game pad when plugged into a PC. If you are looking for a keyboard encoder, please view the I-PAC2 on our website. 

* USB 2.0 protocol, the response speed is faster than USB1.1
* Micro USB jack for connecting any standard USB cable
* Compatible with win10/win8/win7/vista/XP/2000/98, PS3, Linux, MAC, Android, Raspberry Pi
* Supports Mode button for direction control switching between X/Y axes and Digital-pad
* Lead-free process
* No soldering required
* Kit contains all the wires with harness and USB cable

Every player's button 1 to 8 each has a corresponding LED indicating their status.
Every player's button 1-8 LED effect can be configured to the following 4 states. The default state is that all the LED's are disabled.

Always lighting on:
All LED's are turned off status, the corresponding LED's light up when the button is pressed.
All LEDs are turned on status, the corresponding LED's light down when the button is pressed.
Disable all LED (default)

Use the joystick's UP + Mode button to switch through the above modes. When all the buttons have not been pressed for more than 6 minutes, all LEDs show a breathing effect. The LED effects and Mode configuration are stored internally. Next time it is plugged in, it will read this configuration first and no need to reconfigure.

Please note:
The LEDs use a common anode connection. The LED is a diode, so the pins have the difference between positive and negative electrodes. If the pins are reversed, it will not light.


Why the 2nd player of XM-11 can't work on the Raspberry Pi?
-This situation only occurs on the RetroPi system. There are two solutions.

(1) Add the following to /boot/cmdline.txt -- just add a space to the end of the existing entry, so it is all on one line):
Just modify this file and restart, the second player will activate.\

(2) I recommend using Recalbox instead. The Recalbox system doesn't have this issue.

How to wiring?
(1) First, the LED pins are divided into positive and negative. You need to distinguish them first. Because LED is a kind of diode, it won't light up when reversed.

(2) Second, you have 2 * 8 red wires. Make sure that one end is connected to the VCC pin of the board and the other end is connected to the positive pins of the LEDs.

(3) Third, using 4PIN wires, connect the negative pins of the LEDs to the position marked LED1, LED2, LED3... on the board.

(4) At this step, the wiring is finished. You can use USB cable to connect the board to a PC and press the button. If no LED light up, please use UP + MODE to switch to the mode you want.

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