Xin-Mo 1 Player LED Arcade Controller Interface - PS3 & PC

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This arcade controller with LED interface board is a good solution for those customers that want to connect arcade joysticks and buttons to a PC/Laptop/MAC/PS3 or Raspberry Pi to build their own arcade machine or arcade control panel. This arcade controller has LED functionality, so you can connect illuminated arcade buttons (5V LED Only) Once connected, illuminated buttons with 5V LEDs will be permanently lit and turn off when each button is pressed, so this is a great feature especially if you are looking to give your arcade project the wow factor. The arcade controller with LED interface comes supplied with all required wiring for easy connection and supports 1 joystick, 12 buttons, PS3 Home button, Turbo button and the best bit is there is no soldering required!

This arcade controller with LED interface supports 1 x joystick & 12 x non-illuminated arcade buttons OR 8 x illuminated 5V buttons. The PCB has 10 button inputs for player one and 2 extra inputs which can be used as start buttons etc.. This 1 player arcade controller is simple plug 'n' play and will work with Windows/Linux/MAC/PS3 and Raspberry Pi. If you are connecting the board to your computer it will be recognised as a game controller. This can be easily configured to work with MAME.

Optional 5 Pin Joystick Wire
5 Pin Joystick To 5 x Individual GPIO Jumper Connectors

What's Included:
1 x Xin-Mo 1 player arcade controller with LED interface
1 x Wiring harness
1 x USB Cable

Please Note:
The arcade controller is NOT a keyboard encoder but is detected as a simple gamepad when plugged into a PC. If you are looking for a keyboard encoder, please view the I-PAC2 on our website.

* USB ‘B’ jack for connecting any standard USB cable
* Works on PC, PS3 ,Linux ,MAC ,Android , Raspberry Pi
* Compatible with Win8/Win7/Vista/XP/2000/98, Linux, Android
* Support PS3 Home Button
* Support Turbo Button
* Support LED display when the main button be pressed
* Support DP/LS/RS Switch
* No soldering required


  • 4
    Cost effective PCB

    Posted by Robin on 19th Feb 2020

    A tiny little PCB that came with lots of connectors and easy to follow instructions. Really easy to wire up with only the small down side being that you need a little bit of free space above the PCB for cable clearance in your arcade stick enclosure. Tight fight in a Sega VSHG! Didn't work on my P3/PS2 Brook Adaptor but I didnt expect it too. For the cost it was well worth it and i'd buy again.

  • 4
    really nice interface

    Posted by Christian Mortensen on 10th Jun 2019

    really nice interface.
    i would have prefered the newer model, but this is still a good interface that works very well and is easy to install with lots of buttons.
    the vcc only delivers 3v tho, but one of the ones marked "none" under the directions luckily delivers 5v for leds.

  • 5
    Superb PCB works exactly like it should

    Posted by paul woodhall on 21st Oct 2015

    This Xin Mo Arcade Controller work exactly the way it should. I've put one of these in a custom fight stick that i made and it works perfectly. Spot on!

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