SuzoHapp 2-1/4" Trackball With Standard AMOA Wire Harness

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The 2-1/4" SuzoHapp trackball assembly is a high quality trackball, which features a standard AMOA harness and is heavy duty, so is a good choice for various commercial/academic or public display purposes. It is possible to connect this trackball to an Ultimarc Opti-PAC by wiring direct to an Opti-PAC*

Connecting to an Opti-PAC requires some stripping of wires on the trackball. Please make sure you can do this prior to attempting, as the warranty will be void if the trackball is modified in any way and we will NOT be able to accept a return once any wires have been cut.

Connecting a SuzoHapp trackball to an Opti-PAC Optical Interface Board (SOLD Separately)
The SuzoHapp trackball is supplied with a connecting cable. Cut off the large plug mounted on one end. Strip a short length of each wire and connect as shown in the table below. Set the jumper to "A/LO"

Black (2 wires) Red (2 wires) Purple Blue Yellow Green
GND +5V X1 X2 Y1 Y2

There are two +5V and GND wires. These can both be connected to the same +5V or GND connection.
The SuzoHapp trackballs have a green ground wire. This is to prevent static buildup and can be connected to any convenient ground point.

Plug USB cable into the connector on the Opti-PAC board and connect to the PC USB port. The PC will auto-detect the device and install a standard mouse driver. (Actually it installs two mouse devices)

* 2-1/4" solid trackball assembly unit with durable black poly-carbonate plastic material.
* Various colours available.
* Standard AMOA harness included.
* Mounting hardware sold separately.
* Can be used as a heavy duty alternative to a mouse for interactive displays when used in conjunction with Opti-PAC* (sold separately)

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