Super IR Bar With USB Cable For AimTrak Light Gun

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This super IR bar for AimTrak light gun is recommended for those customers that want to use a screen of 50 inches and above with their AimTrak light gun setup. This super IR bar would replace the standard IR bar that is packaged with the AimTrak light gun and has the benefit of enabling a further distance of gun from screen, when used with screen sizes of 50 inches and upwards.

Product Features:
* Uncased unit with USB cable for power
* Ideal for larger screens over 50 inches
* Allows further distance of gun from screen
* Use instead of the standard IR bar that is packaged with the AimTrak


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    Great item & Pi, micro computer & mini support

    Posted by Tim Salt on 20th Dec 2019

    Works great on pc without need for usb hub as most pc's with a strong psu can handle high power output USB devices but on the pi 3, 4 & ps1 mini do not have enough power to run it fully and will give under voltage warnings.

    Pi 3 & 4 only have 1.2amp USB total @400mah and 350mah to each device so even my g510 back-lit keyboard struggles.

    the ps1 mini is locked 100mah I believe but if you have a Odroid N2 or it's newer variants it should be OK if you give it a enough power as they can take voltages up to 16v so it can draw as much as needed for usb devices so get a multi voltage plug and you will be fine (don't over volt to 18v or above it will fry the s901 chip)

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    Super IR bar

    Posted by Emanuel Stehle on 8th Mar 2019

    Works great! I use it for wii/wii-u dolphin emulator.
    The LEDs are very bright, so the distance is even longer than with original ninento bar!

    Minus 1 cause there is no on/off button and you can't deactivate it in Win10.
    But i connected it to my tv, so when tv is off, the bar is off.

  • 5
    Bigger telly or further away you need this!

    Posted by Richard on 10th Jan 2018

    In short if you go big, or are further away, you need this. Otherwise you will be driven mad quite quickly :-( Not a looker but hey. Working fine with a 50" Panny Plasma and good fun over Christmas with MAME.

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    The Ultimate IR

    Posted by Mathias on 27th Dec 2016

    Good IR Bar, one of the best I actually used it works perfect with the wiimote's as well Aimtraks, which makes it a excellent choice for the tv gaming setup.

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    Super IR Bar With USB Cable For AimTrak Light Gun

    Posted by colin gibb on 30th Nov 2016

    Great product..just place the Super IR Bar With USB Cable on top of your TV..
    power it from a powered usb socket like your computer or TV usb socket..
    calibrate your gun to the Super IR Bar..
    some games need more calibrating than others to work properly..

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