Seimitsu Shaft Kit for LS-32/LS-38 Series of Joysticks - Pack of 4

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This pack of 4 replacement joystick shafts includes shafts of various lengths and these are compatible with the Seimitsu joysticks mentioned below. 
The height of a stock shaft for an LS-32 Seimitsu joystick is 30.4mm, so this pack contains a shorter shaft and 3 x longer shaft lengths.

Shaft Lengths Included:
1 x 26.4 mm (-4 mm)
1 x 33.4 mm (+3 mm)
1 x 36.4 mm (+6 mm)
1 x 39.4 mm (+9 mm).

Please Note:
This is E-ring version and an E-ring is included with this kit. Normal C-clip can NOT be used for this shaft kit.

These shafts can be used with LS-32-SC and LS-38-SC joysticks but the shaft cover will NOT fit.
Compatible models.
LS-32-SC (Shaft cover will not fit)
LS-32-01-SC (Shaft cover will not fit)

LS-38-SC (Shaft cover will not fit)

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